I meme it

You never know how someone is going to interpret what you write. Write it anyway. What we write is always for us first. What they read is a whole other experience. When you write, do you think about your characters first (or your own experiences, if you're writing non-fiction) OR, do you think about your... Continue Reading →

I meme it …

The year started with the quote, "Stop doing shit that you hate" ~ followed by a LOT of owning up and letting go. It's ending with exactly that. In a Kindle Vella's #RoadTripToNoWhere by Elizabeth Henry ~ essays on the road trip toward living a more authentic life, full of insight, travel, lived experiences and... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo2022 Now What?

It's not hard to write 50K words in a months time. It's hard to turn it into something people will read. Harder still to turn it into something they'll pay for. For all the Indie's out there who know this experience ~ this one's for you. You write your 50K ~ meet your goals. You... Continue Reading →

Never Would You Ever …

What are some things you think that you would never do, but you do them because you don't want to rock the boat? Or, seem difficult? Or, want to be embarrassed or humiliated for trying them? Or, be thought of as that person who comes across as a problem? There's a longer list but it... Continue Reading →

meme magic …

Always remember and never forget ~ before ANY of the miracles happen, something truly sad or unjust will happen first. All holiday related media begins with a problem. It ends with the happily ever after. In real life, when someone shares their story of healing, they are also taking a leap of faith you may... Continue Reading →

Simple Life

We went into the grocery store yesterday to pick up some stuff ... as one does on Thanksgiving when they don't do thanksgiving in any particular 'traditional' way. The prices were literally double or at least a 80% mark up from 6 months ago and boxes of the things we usually buy, were smaller. We... Continue Reading →

Dr. Who Day

November 23 is Dr. Who Day. Confession time. I know the Tardis. Understand the transformation process. Get that there have been many generations of the Doctor. And yet ... I've never seen a single episode of Dr. Who. Ever. Not a single one. BUT ~ that doesn't mean I can't wish you all a happy... Continue Reading →

Gratitude vs Thanksgiving

We don't 'do' thanksgiving here. But we always live in gratitude for the small things that are within our means. Traditions are meant to be kept if you want them, or tossed if they no longer work for us. No guilt. No judgement. No turkey. After the Santa Clause came out over 20 years ago,... Continue Reading →

New Monday ~ Keep Writing

There will be people who will do everything in their power to stop you from pursing your dreams. A whole lot of people will be one of three things. Extra positive, who ignore all negatives. Extra negative who ignore all positives. The third is the best kind. They will be the ones who aren't afraid... Continue Reading →

I’m Tired

Tired of hustle culture. Tired of the ghosts of cruel people with insidious intensions. Tired of playing wack-a-mole with deleting or blocking. Tired of social media that feels like empty calories. Tired of vapid social constraints that tell us what we're "supposed to" do, be, say, look like or feel. Tired of allowing just anyone... Continue Reading →

What would Aaron Sorkin Say?

I'm restructuring where I focus on social media platforms. I dumped Tumblr and Twitter. I added on Linktr.ee (not sure I'll keep it yet) I'm also living in the balance of where I'm going to spend my time. Am I a writer? Or, am I still in the psychology business? Or, should I say, psychology... Continue Reading →

I Meme It …

Remember this ~ if you share your experience with someone ~ try to explain who or why you are you ~ they don't get to tell you how to feel about that experience. We have a LOT of meme's out there *and* experts (which imo, is almost criminal) telling people that they "should" or, "exaggerating"... Continue Reading →

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