It’s 4 am ~ The writer’s Hour

We all deserve to be happy, even in our darkest hour

“In darkness, there is always light. In light, there is always darkness ~ the journey is never one or the other. They both play their part.”

K. Aren Henry Miller (c)

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So many of us are choosing to see the light life (my TPPP blog) ~ the happiness and the bright, shiny, happy people everywhere.

There is another path though ~ for those who have walked through darkness, felt isolated or alone or gone through deep dark grief ~ they also deserve love, happiness, belonging, inclusion, safety, security, and a whole, contented life.

The survivors of trauma and those who live with PTSD or some other life altering experiences will be able to live with a great sense of happiness and thriving, but it will be different from those who never experienced anything hard.

This blog is for those who’ve had the bumps and bruises; trauma and sorrow.

Happiness is a different shade of joy for those who live by their own experiences.

Our first safe space is in total darkness

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We really can change our stars ~ A Knight’s Tale

*at any given moment, we can choose a new path to follow*

There are times, we can feel like a shadow of our former selves. Embrace the darkness. Embrace the realization that even in the pitch of night, a light shines on from your energy. The sun always comes back around. Embrace the quiet of the night. Embody your soul self.

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