In the light, there’s a little dark for parents

Reflection of my son’s 18th birthday today ~ Most of parenthood is a joyful, loving, happiness filled ride ~ most. Not all.

Sometimes ~ parenthood is so easy. Sometimes, not so much. I’ve been at it for 30 years now. Sometimes w/a co-parent and sometimes not.

My regret? I didn’t choose peace nearly enough. We can’t go back, but we can share our experiences.

Some people have to live a little different life. Some have to co-parent with an ex. Some have to solo parent, living paycheck to paycheck. BTW, we are offended by wealthy, secure, safe, connected people telling them how hard it is to parent under stressful conditions.

Don’t do that. Don’t tell something how they are feeling when that person is acutely aware of how they are feeling.

Some single moms are forced into circumstances they don’t want to be in, because they have to do whatever it takes to raise their kids.

To those who fly solo through this journey ~ I see you ~ I was you ~ I hear you ~ you are seen, heard and felt with a whole heart.

When those moments of happiness come along, grab them. Savor the love, twist that into joy and embrace it with your whole heart.

If your circumstances change, include your kids ~ allow your children to have a voice. Validate their feelings. Family dynamics are a family affair. Include them when you want to make a change. They are resilient little humans. Probably more than adults.

Just one thing ~ don’t let the world tell you who you are. Be who you are. Challenge yourself to embrace it. All the messy, bitty parts of that quirky life fantastic ~ you’ve got this.

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