Best Day of Your Life ~ Pinterest Binging again

This is true ~ it’s also going to be a solo walk for a while, until you feel your footing again. Take your time. Go slow. It’s a good thing to be alone while the shadows take their time easing out of your brain.

Embrace both the dark and lighter feelings while you transcend toward whatever version of “normal” is for you.

If you have anxiety, so what? Give her a name and have some great conversations with her. Depression? Give her a dramatic name, then tell her to write you a deep dark poem.

The best artists use their sad bits to create a new version of the world. Be an artist.

Get creative with your new level of self love.

Whatever you do ~ don’t be ashamed of the dark side of your happiness ~ that shadow self the world tells you doesn’t belong. Yes. It does. We all have that.

Normalize the moment you align with all parts of your soul

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