Debunking Meme Nonsense & False Profits

Meme art is not meant to be a code to live by, though I do love my Pinterest scrolls. I know that 99.98% of all meme quotes are part of a bigger picture.

We don’t fall into them absolutely with a “Yeah … that’s true 100%” ~ at least I hope we don’t.

Take this one ~

Pinterest page, from a Life Hack page but no original artist was given any credit for it. :/ It’s a pet peeve

“Never assume that loud is strong and quiet is weak” ~ well, that’s true. Never assume.

However loud can be strong and quiet can be a weakness in such a loud world.

How about, instead of describing how we live in the world w/one liners, we realize that be it a loud or quiet approach to life, it is our self love, sense of self and a knowing who we are in the world that makes all the difference.

When we work on ourselves ~ we become the best version of who we are and yet … there is always something new to work on.

Humans have this creative, wonderful, never ending work of art to sculpt, mold, clarify and polish.

If you are quiet, you are the reason some people feel the need to be loud (less than secure confident people) and if you are loud, you are asking the world to see and hear you for who you are.

Embracing our DNA ~ circumstances ~ social identity ~ comfort level ~ career choices ~ security all pour into the pot that holds our essence.

Oscar Wilde quote, (this one rings 100% true) “Be You. The world will adjust”

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