Thinking too much? Yeah, me too

A gift that keeps on giving from the combo meal of being in the psychology business and other assorted flavors of overthinking ~ I ruminate … when something really ticked me off.

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Letting go of the overthinking takes some works. Especially when I know there’s a meet cute between spending all day (weekend?) being really mad and the freedom of breaking that bond to the thought.

There’s a few things you can do. There are a few things I do myself.

  1. Fall down a binge hole (Netflix works) for a day ~ shift your focus
  2. Sing that song from Frozen ~ Let it go. Yeah, of course it’s annoying but it’s also pretty catchy. Pocket Full of Sunshine made famous in the movie Easy A ~ that also works.
  3. A nice, long drive is good.
  4. Hang out with other thoughts ~ choose them. Choose the ideas, thoughts and dreams that make you happy. On purpose.
  5. My favorite ~ BE … where your feet are. A client gave me that one. Where ever you are ~ be there. Not in the thought. Not in the memory. Not in the scenario that’s driving you bonkers.

Tomorrow for most people, will be better. The more distance we put between our thoughts that make us Unhappy ~ the more relaxed we’ll be.

Follow this recipe for a free range feeling of disconnecting from that nagging thought. It’ll let go of your brain after a while.

Choose. Don’t deny the UN~ it’s there for a reason ~ it’s there to motivate you to take action to fix it … but it’s not the only thing going on.

Grief is a fickle friend ~ some days are better than others. Okay, enough out of me.

Get outta here ~ let’s go create a playlist for this crazy little thing called life.

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