“normal is a social construct”

Saw this golden nugget on Instagram ~ love it. It’s true. “It can be messy and good” ~ to all the happiologists out there (I used to be one of them) ~ not to mention everyone who over uses diagnostic labels to decide who someone is ~

Here’s a truth bomb ~ you can be sad and also inherently happy. You can be challenged with anxiety/depression or some other mental health challenge and also feel pretty balanced on most days.

You can epically fail and still have the will to live ~ you can think about dark thoughts and still know the difference between right and wrong. Then, lean hard on the right/healthy choice.

Something really bad can happen to you and yours and you still have the ability to bounce back; develop grit; work out with resilience and munch on the blood of your enemies … okay, wait … I was watching a vampire movie. Strike that last one. 🙂

I was studying happiness in my PhD program but I was f*cking miserable … you can be both at the same time. Emotionally and intellectually driven to live by your highest energy level.

The most important take away (IMO) ~ there are 328.2 MILLION people in the United States alone ~ just because one place/town/culture doesn’t think you’re normal ~ others … many, many others will think you are perfect.

Just as you are.

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