One-size-fits-all happiness? No

Happiness is packaged to be a one-size-fits-all sense of what it should look like. Social media would have us believe that everyone is exuberant, leaping in the air with so much abundant joy, they can’t keep their feet on the ground.

The Tiny Buddha quoting Bianca Sparacino

People smile until their faces hurt while standing in their high end confidence pose. I’m happy for them. I am. Really.

We know that (you do know this right?), happiness can’t be pursued, it has to be found within.

It doesn’t need a shiny, glowy, bendy yoga pant body.

Happiness doesn’t need a giant snowy white smile.

Have we all become so vapid that we only engage with those who look good on the outside? The assumption that somehow, bigger people, ugly people, weird people, less fortunate people aren’t also entitled to being treated well? Or … being happy.

Yeah … we have. Social media isn’t helping that. It’s turned it, IMO, into a bit of an epidemic. Being dictated to by an obsession with youth and presumed power is big business.

The truly confident people don’t have to be picture perfect though. They are those rare few who quietly go about living their lives ~ with little to no interest in having to “prove” any part of themselves to the rest of us.

Show me a private, quiet, confident, centered person who does what they love and lives where they like. They don’t harm anyone. They don’t show boat. They don’t even postulate or prance around like a peacock ~ boasting of their perfect physique.

They just … are.

Happiness can be found in the small, seemingly inconsequential acts of appreciating being human. It’s not loud in a crowd. It’s more subtle than that.

True happiness can be seen in grouchy people and in our Eeyores of the world. They just do it differently. Some people … like being cranky. Some people realize that all emotions are an inside job (inside our head that is).

But hey ~ if you are a “I will prove how happy I am” sort of person, good on you. Go get ’em.

But if not … I see your contented, at-peace, non-smiley inner happy and I appreciate you for it. We should have a secret handshake or something.


Either way ~ I know this to be true ~ the cornerstone of true and authentic happiness is in the ability to be that way, even when you are totally alone.

Quietly, blissfully, lovingly alone.

After all ~ the pursuit of happiness lives inside your brain. The rest is just packaging.

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