It’s okay to have a bad day

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You don’t need to be happy ALL the time. If you are, good for you but if you’re not … that’s okay too.

If something bad happens ~ be whatever emotion you need to be in order to feel whole.

If something terrible happens ~ it’s normal to feel terrible. it’s not normal to be forced into feeling guilty ’cause you don’t want to find the “good life” in the terrible, horrible thing.

Grieving is the process of healing that requires us to feel okay with our under side emotions. I don’t say negative emotions. It’s a positive to feel sad, when sad is called for.

They are warning lights ~ not threat-to-society lights.

Too many people are afraid to feel bad. They are uncomfortable with someone else’s grouchiness.

To sit with someone you like or love or work with when they are having a bad day is the most authentically human thing you can do. If they cry ~ it’s okay. If they rant and scream until they get it out of their system … it’s okay … make sure they aren’t in public at a bus stop or sitting in a crowded airport or something … but tell them that you’re not going anywhere.

I was trained to sit with people while they cry it out. Trust me ~ it won’t hurt or scare you. It takes as long as it takes.

Don’t try to “fix them” ESPECIALLY if they have PTSD … just leave them be and know … it’s okay.

I saw a video clip of the singer, Nightbirde saying hello again and goodbye to the AGT team. She is battling cancer. It’s her song. It’s okay is the title. She has what our friend just died from. Another bright light in our lives and now, in the sky … a beautiful soul who said, “it’s okay”.

For the rest of us? It totally sucks that she’s gone and that this disease takes so many beautiful souls. But it’s life, this thing called death. It’s all part of the big picture.

It’s okay ~ we’ll be here when you need us and we know what you are going through.

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