Let them be right?

Do we have to always be right? Can we let them be right to preserve our peace? We can’t always influence, guide, or lead.

I like movie quotes and playlists for different stages in life. For this one?

Let a river run through it.

The answer is yes to both questions.

Photo by Diego Madrigal on Pexels.com

We are happiest when we recognize that to be happy, we have to let some stuff slide while holding on to only the few things that truly hold meaning for us.

When Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter” he wasn’t living in the digital era where we are hyper exposed to ALL the things.

ALL the things in the world flood our social media all day and night until every human with the internet and a computer are drowning in information.

Information they navigate toward that is.

When we are healing from a darkness in our lives, we don’t “let it go” ~ though I did sing the Frozen song about a billion times as a way to find a dark humor in the most stressful times in my life.

We don’t “just let it go” when going through an actual serious life event, we process it ~ not let it go.

As for people on the internet who rage against others just for fun ~ and yes. Assholes and broken people will just rage against others for sport. Those times? Letting it go is 1000% better than engaging or getting pulled in.

I bet somebody somewhere is doing research about human emotion and triggers from random, stranger danger on the social media platforms.

It’s as if we choose that junior high school mentality of lizard brain emotions the moment someone says something we don’t agree with or find irrepressible. Then, everyone starts calling everyone names ~ blood pressure goes up ~ we all get furious ~ take sides like it’s a team sport ~ and some people go so far as to threaten the lives or safety of others.

WTF is that?

Not civil for sure. Not even normal, healthy or logical.

Let that shite go. It’s not worth it.

Hold on to your peace, sanity and ability to regulate your own moods. We’ve all been swept out to sea with the false panic.

There is no conversation on the internet today that deserves our sense of well being or peace.

Let THAT shite go. Save your sanity … or as socials want us to do #SaveYourSanity @saveyoursanity … but I’m old school and like it that way.

I apply the 80’s rule to everything now.

If I could walk away from it in person in the 80’s ~ I can walk away from it by clicking out now.

Here’s to happy decision making!

(c) @happinessnoir

K. Aren Henry Miller @inkhoneypub


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