444 ~ pm

Happy Hour … this morning’s post was sort of depressing. Also … part of the adventure of advocacy.

That’s the indelible mystery about being happy in spite of a bad dream or bad day … it’s going to be a different shade of midnight blue.

The light life (which I’ve also been writing for a while now on another page) showcases all the bright, shining happy sparkly things.

Life is a balance. So do the 24 hours a day we’re all given in equal measure.

12 hours of light ~ 12 hours of dark (well, in the winter). 16/8 in the summer but we all know that it’s fluid. That light and dark dance with nature while weather plays the music we live by.

It’s the aftermath of a weird full moon during hurricane season with storms, heat and sky drama lately ~ it gets weird.

From the page The Power of Positivity

4 am and 4 pm with 4 sources of writing ~ that is enough for me.

Here’s the thing about happiness. We don’t HAVE to be the biggest, brightest, most impressive star in the sky to be happy, worthy or important in our contributions.

Advocacy work … it exhausted me to no end.

2021 was going to be my healing year. My do-over start again year.

The world is filled with drama and trauma so it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

It’s important to self care 1st ~ feel whole and healthy.

Then, and only then, dive into saving others.

Happiness is a quiet, moonlit sky, even in the daytime.

It can be as simple as sharing a moment with your dog (or cat). It can be as massive as success like @JayShetty right now.

In the morning, I’m fired up about the global happenings ~ brain storming on how to synthesize the work I do with the silent millions who are going unseen and unheard.

By the afternoon, I’m ready for a nap ~ or something whimsical and fun.

When you are trying to save the world ~ pace yourself.

When you are trying to save yourself ~ pace yourself.

All of 2021 ~ I’ve promised myself I would choose peace over being right ~ every time.

Peace and contentment are even sweeter than happiness. Happy is GREAT. Who wouldn’t want that.

When the most vulnerable people are happy, I’ll be happy.

Happiness is an all in sort of thing.

I promised myself I’d delete social media and/or groups if there was too much drama. Shite … it’s ALL drama.

I deleted over 400 groups … nice ones and some saucy ones. People, places and things are feeling the pressure.

There’s no need to be mean. People are choosing that.

There’s no need to be pulled into someone else’s vortex either.

My goal was to use this platform as a way to share the alternative POV point of view of the happiness industry that seems to have permeated the imperfections attached to what makes life … more livable.

It is never a goal to point fingers or name names. I’m not God… it’s not my job.

My job has always been to bring the information to the table, then serve it up in this outlet of word art.

The thing is ~ I’m in the middle of a career shift toward something that brings me more joy. Studying the sadness in humanity … it takes a toll on a fella. Knowing that there are people who take advantage of other people … that’s exhausting.

At 444 ~ the angel hour ~ it’s time to write what I like, and not what others need to hear.

Here’s hoping you find your happy hour, voice and right to live as you choose without too much interference from the outside world.


(c) @happinessnoir @inkhoneypub @freerangefemale

K. Aren Henry Miller @ henryhealing.com

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