444: Happy Hour & Spilling Tea?

I wrote my happy hour this morning before diving into other stuff.

Hold on … I’m grabbing a tea for this little bite of …

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.com

Okay ~ where was I … Yes!

I’m pretty sure I mentioned earlier on that I believe in full transparency. That means, I find the whole ‘anonymous’ thing as an excuse to be ~ unacceptable.

I’m talking about … comments.

I welcome them! I do. BUT …

ONLY if there is an actual identity attached.

Here’s why ~

I share my website, who I am, and hell, even how old I am. I share my social media and talk about my cats. I even share every single graduate class I have ever taken and every university class I ever taught over the course of the past 20+ years.

This is my page ~ these are my words/thoughts and opinions.

I hold myself accountable for voicing them.

At 57, I’m pulling out all the stops to achieve Betty White/George Burns status with the same reverence. I figured I’d get a start on it now ~

After 39 years of adulting; it gives me some stuff to say.

24 years in the research/psychology/higher education business … well, that just corrupted my mind entirely! LOL (just kidding).

I’m a semi-retired writer with a big pen and a goal of leveling up to full blown Hobbit wizard status.

The Hobbit

What I won’t share? ~ comments that are written by anonymous. ESPECIALLY those that start with, “Actually…” ~ I’ll be deleting it. One just came in. A few comments haven’t passed the sniff test of fresh fruit yet.

You are of course, entitled to your opinion. You are missing the mark if you think that shadowed casual comments will be welcome in my house.

They are not.

This is my writing house. My guests are invited in to share in conversation. I have a clear idea of what I’m saying and why. You may not know the back story. I don’t owe you that either.

I don’t spill the tea on people ~ not as much as I could, would or want to. I’ll leave all of that for fiction writing.

My favorite She Shed on Pinterest ~ I plan on building this into my backyard office. You’re invited if you are nice.

I‘m done explaining myself. I did that. I tip toed. I did my due diligence in playing nice and trying against my grain to fit in. I quit that gig.

One of the biggest problems we have today is that entirely too many people get to be shitty to others without any accountability for their words.

If you want to comment on my page ~ show yourself. You don’t need to attach a picture but you do need to share who you are ~ for real. Your real name and identity.

If you don’t like my page OR, if you feel compelled to “correct” me ~ well, damn … I thought my father passed away years ago and I know I’m no longer married so … you can keep your opinion to yourself.

IF you want to share your story but not show yourself (I work with a LOT of trauma survivors, people who suffer, people who are scared to share ~ I know how to protect people’s identity.) Send me your thoughts privately and I’ll share them w/out identifiers.

That’s the point of this page. A healing space where you are NOT under attack by people who love to bully others.

Photo by Ibolya Toldi on Pexels.com

Finally ~ For feck’s sake … be nice. be kind. Be seen. Or, be quiet.

Comments are welcome ~ anonymous … is not.

Condescending “actually …. blah blah blah I know better than you…” drivel … is not.

People who don’t agree with me ~ fine but ask yourself ~ if you walk into someone else’s house ~ is that what you would say? Is that how you would act? Is that the tone you take with others? I am happy to invite polite discussion … just not jerks.

IF you want to follow me because you DON’T like me or what I’m writing ~ I suggest therapy. Life’s too short to stay in a house of hating others.

IF you come here to “do battle” … pretend you’re a vampire … you can’t come in.

Play nice and be kind or … there are plenty of other pages you can explore.


(c) @happinessnoir @inkhoneypub @K.ArenHenryMiller

At the end of the day ~ it is all said with love but not in a patronizing, condescending “grace” as in “bless your heart” sort of way.

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