444: Happy Hour 8.28 The secret to happiness?

It’s so super simple ~ it really is.

Hold on …. afternoon beverage time …

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Embrace all of your emotions as if they are your very best friends. They belong to you. They are there to help guide us through this Wonka land.

Drink crisp clean water (if you are privileged enough to afford that. Not everyone is.

Feel gratitude for everything ~ letting go of anger is working on your noggin from the inside. Hire a field guide through your mind if you need to.

Love. It’s all love. Love. Love. Love. The fog, the sun, the grass, the birds… all of it. If you don’t feel love for a human, love a cat and then, allow that cat to love you back. Allow the earth to heal you.

Just as you are ~ that’s the other key to the future as a happier person.

If you have to cry, those tears are helping you release the toxins. They are good for you.

If you want to laugh, get to it. What are you waiting for? Can’t laugh out loud on your own ~ that’s what sitcoms are for. Or weird goats. Or, Charlie Chaplin … whatever tickles your fancy. Laugh.

Photo: K.ArenHenryMiller

Don’t fear the fear (or the dark side). It’s not glamorous or complicated.

We don’t have to go to school for it or study it.

We don’t need a mountain top moment or a motivational speaker or even a field guide.

We humans need structure so we often muck it all up. Really, life is much more fluid than that.

I know ~ it will hurt a lot of wallets if everyone just wakes up one day and says, ‘Know what? I know things are good, bad, ugly, but that’s okay. When the sunshine and happy bubbles return, I’ll be okay. Better … I’ll be fantastic.’

Sure … that other stuff all helps.

When I went into the psychology business … my goal was to be fired by my clients who no longer needed me … over and over and over again.

That also makes people in my industry upset.

That’s okay too.

We are here to help people, not hold them captive.

We are here to guide people, not label them.

The label is there as a guide ~ like a tab top. Don’t open too many tabs at once.

That’s it for today.

No secrets.

Life as a super obvious, super simple million mile journey through our own mind.


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