The day was off ~ Ida

Up at 3 instead of 4. Was it wind? Naw … it was cat stuff.

Thought too hard about what I wanted to write. Was it pressure? From whom? This is my page, doing it my way.

My favorite beach ~ 11:11

444 came and went ~ saw 11:11 too.

I don’t see dead people but I do see repeat numbers ALL the time.

We’re going to get into the synchronicity thing a bit.

Psychology says, once you start anticipating something ~ it shows up.

Psychics and spiritualists (angels) say that when you see synchronicity in numbers ~ there is a supernatural presence offering a message of some kind.

I’ve seen some stuff. Heard it too. Felt it and even smelled it. I’ve had total strangers tell me that I’m surrounded by angels while others tell me that I have psychic power.

Four times.

They described things and people from my life they couldn’t possibly know and this … was far far away from the internet or any resources. People who didn’t have my name.

Trust me ~ I’ve been surrounded by grifters and con artists my whole life. I am skeptical.

In science, we set out to disprove something rather than prove it. We question everything. We question the questions.

When someone walks up to me out of the blue with a message from my grandmother or father or brother or “mother figure” ~ and they don’t even know my name but they have details of that person’s life, looks and experiences … how do you disprove that?

I haven’t figured it out yet. So? I stay open.

I enjoy the parapsychology right along with the rest of the field.

It’s fascinating.

The Human condition is fascinating.

Maya Rudolph

I got into Reiki and energy healing ~ even became a Reiki master until I realized that a whole bunch of people very mistakenly think energy healing is practicing witchcraft or acting as a psychic.

I fully support any community that enables people to live by their highest power and/or potential.

People believe what they choose to believe.

Not all people are fully informed, but they happily skip along in life just making assumption.

~ I’m not spilling the tea beyond this ~

When there are things in the world like the seriousness of a hurricane damaging millions of peopled sentient beings , or all the other crisis level stuff going on in the world ~ we have to let some of it go. We can’t hold on to the whole of our lives all at the same time.

The human brain isn’t built for that.

Sometimes, there is no moral to the story.

No tea to spill. Just … another story written on the pages of your life.

Sometimes, life is just a bunch of thoughts, (overthinking used to be my speciality, until I learned how to laugh at my own overthinking).

There are times, we just let it be.

We don’t have to think too deeply about everything. We don’t even have to solve all the mysteries of the world, or prove ourselves right.

Sometimes, we can just ~ let it be.

John Lennon knew that and so do I. But it took YEARS to get where I am now.

I know the road you’re on if you are going through a big change. The thing with big change is, there are going to be big thinks too.

Sometimes, bringing something back means, it’ll look a little different and that’s okay. We can embrace the change. We can welcome it with open arms as it’s reimagined.

Like Lanie Gardner’s version of Dreams ~

This song came along with me on so many journeys ~

We can be open minded enough to be in awe of the wonders of the world while staying curious.

Open minded is 100% more fun than close minded.

Take it in small bites.

Stress about the hurricane ~ war ~ famine ~ disease ~ human rights ~ safety ~ care ~ love … it’s a very long list.

Not all of it is going to be calling for happiness. Some of this shit show we’re living through is calling for us to be still.

To breathe. To grieve. To feel our emotions without fear.

More and more people in our (my) industry are saying, “that’s enough” to the “think positive” stuff.

I am. I have.

It can’t answer or respond to all of life’s challenges but know when I really said, “enough”?

I’ll write about that next time.

Until then, stay safe ~ be well and dream a little dream of how you want your life to be.

Here’s hoping your guardian angels are protecting you right now.

(c) @happinessnoir @inkhoneypub @K.ArenHenryMiller

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