444: Happy Hour ~ Am I breaking up with coffee? :o

I’ve been to a dozen coffee houses in my new city. From gas stations (yuk, sorry, but yuk) to ~ the $12 cup. Which was best?

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I’m not a java sommelier but I do appreciate a balanced cup of coffee.

I used to be a pot a day sort of person.

Then I realized, that a pot of coffee every day was a crutch. A giant liquid caffeinated crutch.

We’re all addicted to that legal substance ~ well, not all. It’s actually closer to 58% of the population.

We’ve changed our opinions and minds about that delicious friend who got me through a majority of my adulthood.

We stand in lines, spend thousands of dollars, and wait for the perfect cup that sometimes doesn’t come.

What is it about that drink that makes adults go gaga for it?

I read a really interesting book about coffee. Adding it to your reading list, if you’re interested.

I knew I was in trouble when I ONLY ever ordered the large.

I drink it black with about an ounce of cow’s 2% milk.

In the north, many people are right there with me on that order.

In the south? The less hipster/trendy/artisan the places, the harder it is to convince them to put milk IN the coffee.

In the coffee houses, they understand that cow’s milk is still an option.

Cheaper spots? Creamers only.

Can’t drink those ~ heart burn. So? I order a tiny bottle of milk and save the rest for later.

In the high end organic places? The coffee is stronger, so I started ordering smaller cups ~ but they’ll add cow’s milk so it’s a good negotiation.

Also, I started drinking less coffee.

For $5.00 a 16 ounce cuppa jo at my favorite place ~ no refills.

In truth? Having a couple cups of coffee every day makes me happy.

If someone has an opinion about it~ they can keep it to themselves. Mind your own addiction please and thank you.

Up north? Have as much as you want in your favorite diners. For half the price. Not down south. It’s buy one cup ~ get one cup. And it’s overpriced. And … it’s not as good.

OR … is it?

One of these days, I’m going to go hit up every single coffee house in a 20 mile radius. Let’s see what happens.

That might be the day I decide to switch out. But listen up tea drinkers ~ you’ve got it worse!

There are hundreds of types of tea here ~ they are not better, just bitter (LOL, pun time… see what I did there?). Tea is more complicated.

Why am I even talking about this?

I mean, I’m down to a healthy amount of caffeine intake. 12 oz. cups 2-3 a day max. *instead of my once 24 oz. cups 6-7 times a day.

I didn’t want to have a heart attack from the caffeine. I made a conscious effort to cut down.

As a matter of fact, I’ve cut out a whole lot that I didn’t like or love.

The whole point of this entire blog and life make over is to stop doing shit that I hate.

And you can too ~ for free!

You do NOT have to buy a book, or a plan, a program, or a package of wisdom backed gobble gook to make positive, proactive changes in your life.

I’m IN that industry ~ that’s how I know. Keep reading my posts though. They are free for the taking ~ unlike a 16 oz cup of coffee that costs too much but is so worth it.

Photo by Valeriia Miller on Pexels.com

A gas station cup of coffee is for emergency fixes only. Not worth it. Grab some water or hot chocolate, tea, ~ anything without high levels of sugar in it.

The $5.00 cups are in trade to sit in an aesthetically pleasing place, sharing a conversation. Sipping.

The $12 cup is to BE seen by others who probably don’t notice you anyway ~ they don’t care or are there to wait for a celebrity to walk by.

The tea?

I don’t know what that mess is, but it’s for tiny sips and ya know … some people out there love it. I respect everyone’s right to love what they do.

I wasn’t addicted to caffeine ~ I was trauma bonded and attached to my coffee as a soothing mechanism for feeling stressed out.

Ironic huh?

That’s also why I don’t turn to a cup of coffee every time I need to self sooth.

Chip away at the parts of you that no longer serve you ~ including the opinions of others and things not good for you ~ that’s how you become whole.

IF you do need help detoxing and eliminating toxins or addiction from your body ~ there are oodles of googles to search on the internet. Start with BetterHelp and TalkSpace, then your local places. Just ~ not the ones who are cheaper but also will immediately label you or blame you for your life instead of helping you see through the veil of unhealthy relationships.

I had an unhealthy relationship with coffee. I broke up with it by cutting a deal. The $5 cup & slow sips.


2 cups max @ 16 ounces … + some milk (cow’s milk, I don’t like oat milk, soy milk or any of the other frufru beverages and I don’t put sugar in it ~ that’s blasphemy!).

In Peace!

(c) @happinessnoir @inkhoneypub @K.ArenHenryMiller

Sometimes, we just need a little time away from it all

If you do need or want a resource ~ go to Hawaii … no really, where is the BEST coffee in the world? Kona Coffee of course. So it makes sense that they also have a help line.


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