444: Happy Hour ~

Not much going on in this Sunday funday filled with quiet lucidity ~

I saw this on Instagram from the @LifeOnPurpose which is a really great idea.

‘Ain’t this great?

I’m going back to writing ~ trying some new food from Trader Joe’s … an interesting store.

We are a world filled with both empty fatigue AND gratifying exhaustion.

There’s an uprising of unhappy employees quitting in the #GreatResignation ~ I love it when people stand up for themselves.

People are finally realizing that “real” is more important than the fake happy. ~ I love it when people stand up for their true feelings.

Here’s my favorite one … even though the news & trending social media would have us all believe that the sky was falling Henny Penny ~ the truth is ~ people on the Main Streets of the world are being pretty nice to each other.

I dumped a majority of the groups I was in out of some sense of boredom ~ not worth it

I also deleted as many of the people who just … were either never actually there for me, or … loved to instigate some online conflict by name calling or bashing

Do you remember back in 2016 when everyone was posting, “well THAT was a shit year!” ~ Then again in ’17, ’18 and ’19 but when 2020 hit ~

We found clarity enough to wake up but we also lost our minds as everything turned upside down.

That is why I worked toward finding the balance in 2021.

We worked hard at finding the balance in 2021.

Channeling all of our focus and energy into creating a new and improved world without disrespecting the lessons learned from the past ~ that’s what HappinessNoir is all about.


(c) as in copyright applied ~ intellectual property and all that.

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