Protect your space ~ inside and out

Charlotte Louise Foster aka, the cat @inkhoneypub Lottie Lou for short.

Here’s the cornerstone of being in the Happiness business ~ know when to hold ’em ~ know when to fold ’em ~ know when to walk away ~ know when to run.

Okay, so that’s Kenny Roger’s song lyrics but really? Everybody needs a playlist for their lives.

The playlist for my life today is to lay low, chill out, binge watch something or write OFF line.

We all have our days when we just aren’t good company. That’s the day to call in a mental health day. I used to give them to my kids when they were in school. Each got 2-3 mental health days a year. A nobody’s business stay home and chill sort of day.

NOBODY was doing that back then, but now? I love that it’s all the rage.


It’s a self care day.

Photo: Daily Calm

The basic understanding of this self discovery exploration stuff is to just stop.

Stop being busy.

Stop pushing ourselves so hard.

Stop holding out for more ‘likes’ and ‘followers’.

Stop feeling guilty when we aren’t happy on any given day.

Happiness is a long game ~ that deep, satisfying life we dream about?

It doesn’t mean every day is a party.

It’s not.

There are going to be days when you listen to the sad songs to help sooth your soul.

I’m off to read, instead of write (reading is part of the job of writing)

Waiting for another cloudy day ~ my favorite weather. All this sunshine… yuk!

In peace and clouds!

(c) @inkhoneypub @happinessnoir @K.ArenHenryMiller

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