Is social media bad for our mental well-being?

When the guru’s and wisdom sharing experts tell us to ~

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The short answer is ~ yes ~ and no.

It depends on what we expose ourselves to. What we tolerate will continue (I got that from a meme). 🙂

Other pearls that some qualified and some not so qualified experts are telling us?

Create boundaries

Live our authentic life

Be in love with who we are and add self care to our daily schedule

How pretty that all is. SO pretty!

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What they DON’T tell you ~ is where the barbed wire is on the boundary wall.

Humans are human ~ so not a single living soul is without flaws or imperfections.

Some people walk around assuming they are more entitled than others.

It’s not as easy to explain it away by a demographic identifier such as skin color, hair color or eye color. That’s just the stuff that goes on our driver’s license or unconscious bias identity card. #facts ? Everyone has those.

In truth, life is much more complicated than that.


I was in a crabby, foul, cantankerous f’bomb mood. I’m detoxing from processed foods and sugar. The devil’s in the details. The process of getting healthy means, we are also going to be cranky. Unpleasant to be around. Sometimes, just … mean.

Stay away from us when we’re like that ~ we see fake people and not afraid to say so. (say that like that famous line in the movie, The Sixth Sense).

What triggered the crank?

My boundary walls are up & I came across a very popular YouTuber who makes serious bank by making fun of middle aged women who are in crisis mode, but being recorded instead of helped.

This whole, “Karen” thing …. There ARE some jerks out there ~ but then, there are a whole lot of women who are having panic attacks, mental health issues and anxiety break downs but instead of calming or helping the situation ~ people are out there poking the hornets nest by being truly awful citizens ~ for what? 15 minutes of fame on an asshole’s YouTube channel? So you can get popular by bashing women ~ as if women born in the 60’s haven’t been dealing with that their whole lives?

See? I’m still feeling the social injustice of it all.

You can’t both quote “I’m a feminist, girl power, Brene Brown vulnerable meme” and also degrade, humiliate and dehumanize a middle aged women because she doesn’t fit your perception of what is accepted in our society today.


It made me furious. Also, I know I’m helpless in helping anyone because it’s entirely TOO popular to put a stop to it.

I snapped.

Then, I put myself in time out so I didn’t say something I would regret ~ not that I regret much, since I own all of it but still. Better safe than sorry.


I took a hiatus from social media and writing since I was pouring hate into my fountain of wisdom.

Changing a personal paradigm of what we allow and what we no longer tolerate after decades of putting up with toxic people, places and experiences … is fecking work!

Nobody goes into detail about that.

It’s a live hour by hour sort of experience.

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I’ll leave this here and go about my work day ~ this message is for everyone.

There is no single human on earth who is allowed to violate any other human.

We all receive the messages a bit differently.

Nobody is allowed to cross our boundaries ~ nobody.

Yet, so many do. Even those who are in the expert stage of the healing profession.

Our healing journey is our own.

If someone asks about it and we answer honestly, that is NOT an invitation to offer advice or to give a plug for some other person’s program/philosophy/worldview or opinion.

We have conditioned ourselves to think that we can just ~ push in ~

No thanks!

I’ve got this.

What works for one is going to be a disastrous fail for someone else.-

Guru’s and wisdom-sharing-happy-people are still just people, like everybody else.

They can be wrong

They can mess up

They can be living awful personal lives while smiling for the social media cameras.

Don’t believe everything you see on social media. Most of them are doing their best OR full of total shit.

In truth ~

Take a break from social media to preserve your own mental well being.

All these people in the world of telling other people who to be or how to live their lives are also quietly judging everyone who is NOT following their advice.

Ignore them.

In peace and authenticity!

(c) as in copyright is mine ~

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