444 ~ Happy Hour ~ from the Cat

I have a cat named Ink ~ she has a lot to say. Mostly she’s just busy ~ going about her day.

Ink @InkHoneyPress

She’s actually rather shy.

She skitters all the time.

If anyone goes near her, she turns on a dime.

She looks like she’s quite scary, in truth, she’s sweet as pie.

When I’m gone too long from home now, upon my return she purrs like she might die.

Okay, enough poetry mashing outta me.

For 9/11 ~ a single flame for all who felt the pain ~ who remember the day ~ who see the light in the dark.


Ink ~ The scardy cat is a cuddle bunny sweet heart with a heart of gold. To look at her, she seems scary, but in truth, she just wants cuddles and love. Which she gets all day, every day.

Perception ~ a thing we all need to pay more attention to.

We’ve had a great number of conversations about what it is to be free as of late.

Bad poetry and mean girl looks from my cat aside ~ what I’m really writing about today is perception vs. reality.

If only we would each let others be.

Be you ~ as Oscar Wilde once wrote ~ the world will adjust.

Lately though ~ people use the personal lives, choices, freedoms, and fandoms of others ~ as a punching bag for sport.

People are bugging out ~ we can choose to be kind.

People are threatening others for having a different POV ~ point of view. ~ We can choose to leave our dark side at home to work out our aggressions in a healthier way. Go lift weights in private ~ become socially conscious in public.

If we don’t like each other ~ let’s just share the planet together ~ apart.

The irony is when people scream at the top of their rage level about preserving their right to write bad poetry while crushing the bad poetry of other people’s lives … well, that just doesn’t work for anyone. Yet, here we are.

See what I did there? Serendipity and humor are life savers.

Be You ~ the world will adjust.

That’s all for today.


(c) @happinessnoir @inkhoneypub @K.ArenHenryMiller


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