Good Will Hunting ~ therapy? Yes

First ~ yes. We all need therapy … some more than others.

Robin Williams

In 1998, the purest movie around therapy that ever existed, released. The 1st year I started practicing as a mental health counselor.

But this post isn’t about me. Or my work history ~ that’s for another time and another place.

One of my current favorite therapist conversations, that is fully accessible to all of us is the YOuTube channel Cinema Therapy.

In this particular clip that I’m sharing instead of writing ~ they talk about so much that I believe in.

Robin Williams is magical. These licensed therapists are spot on. We all can learn so much from this 35 minute school of Yalom (an existential therapist I also align with in life).

So I’m leaving this 9/11 with the notion of a healing conversation.

We are not rigid, formal, by-the-book, one-size-fits-all helpers or healers.

We are organic, flawed, imperfect beings with no more or less than anyone else.

When we figure that out ~ that’s how we help people.

Today, in our country ~ 20 years after the biggest shocking thing that could happen to us collectively ~ happened.

20 years later ~ everyone’s sharing where they were or how they felt because they need to remember. Connecting to the pain is therapeutic.

Don’t challenge their sadness. Give it space to breathe. Honor the dead.

Then think about what the last twenty years have been.

A twenty year war.

Twenty years of political conflict.

Arguing and dividing so strongly, we are forgetting that single week following this tragic event when everyone came together to help everyone else.

Sort of.

We also started to abuse an entire population of brown people who didn’t look like “us” ~

But this is not that.

This is twenty years later, living with anger, frustration, a “positive psychology” movement that also pissed off a whole lot of people in the helping and healing industry. One that had pure intentions of bringing the good side of life to the forefront.

Most of it does. Unfortunately, there are some people in our field who saw dollar signs instead of therapy. Classic Good Will Hunting dynamic between the hot shot mathematician who pranced around in his fame vs the sweater wearing gruff Williams character who cares more about his clients than any bullshit 7-figure book deal.

I suppose there is room for both. But boy … there is something to be said for living a simple, quieter life.

Good Will Hunting, Robin Williams and Matt Damon

In support of everyone going through something right now ~ allllllll of the complex feelings today ~ this post is for you.

In peace,

(c) @happinessnoir @Inkhoneypub @K.ArenHenryMiller



Movie Reference ~ thank you Matt Damon and Ben Affleck ~ Good Will Hunting

Giphy company for the light

Cinema Therapy guys for the YouTube video ~

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