444 The Happy Hour? It gets fuzzy ;)

People know instinctively what is right for them and what is not. We just don’t listen to ourselves as much as we listen to other people.

Photo: @K.ArenHenryMiller ~ Laylah

This is true at work and in life.

Dogs follow their instincts. So do cats. They just have different priorities.

One thing for sure ~ our four legged companions offer us a level of loyalty and comfort that humans never can. Not all humans. Not all throughout our life time.

I wish every trauma survivor could have a companion pet of their own choosing ~ as long as it wasn’t a wild (undomesticated) animal … remember the tiger king? Nightmare.

Yes. Yes. I know … all animals are wild.

Don’t start with me. You know what I meant. I’ll delete those comments too.

People can be such jerks sometimes, they’ll argue for the sake of hearing themselves argue.

*she rolls her eyes here*

Dogs don’t play games.

Cats definitely don’t play games.

People do. People drag their drama and trauma around in a suitcase as deep and complex as Eddie Redmayne’s character in Fantastic Beasts.

Fantastic Beasts, Eddie Redmayne and J.K. Rowling ~ magic!

We can be as nice as pie or as nightmare on elm street as the mood serves us, but we can never be at a level of loyal love as our trusty fantastic beasts. Ever.

I was just thinking today about the overflowing shelters and animal rescues out there in conjunction with all the empty hearts of humans who could really use a fantastic beast bff of their own.

The housing debacle intertwined with the rent crisis puts a damper on that.

Heart breaking really.

So much of human suffering can’t be helped but it can be saved.

My own dog is now 16 years old.

I have so much love for the tiny beasties that I started a Facebook page and several short stories about them.

I would love to open a rescue boarding house for cats but know just how much goes into that. It’s all not-for-profit money raising and cocktail party elbow rubbing. That is not me.

My gift for gab ends with a blunt misplaced snuggle tooth observation that never really wins over the influencers. I know my strengths and limitations.

Disseminating fund raisers ~ I’m all in.

Running one? Not so much.

Gilmore Girls ~ Lorelai and Emily

I’ve watched the Gilmore Girls enough times to know that I’m more Lorelai and a lot less Emily. Fund raisers need Emily’s.

People need pets.

Trauma survivors need love, pets, and people to be more patient with them.

The world needs more magical creative geniuses to write us out of all this trauma by giving the world the gift of their creative problem solving.

That’s the circle of life.

Here’s to all the fur babies waiting for you to go get them out of jail.

Check out ~

To find a pet that needs you right now ~ OR, more importantly, to find a dog or cat (or other magical beast) to rescue you ~

Google “rescue in my area” ~

there are bundles of them.

In 3 seconds ~ I found two ~ start with the national links for the SPCA ~ go from there.

Our local ASPCA has over 400 cats … JUST cats and I heard that the one near where my mother lives just rescued something like 40 dogs including Great Pyranese from a holding situation.

Vet’s offices often have them, but be careful that you’re not adopting someone else’s cats ~ that’s a longer story.

You may even get to foster a vampire kitten 🙂 Who turns out to be the cutest little button on the planet.



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