Golden Eyes ~ No. Not Bond. ~ A golden nugget about the unconscious

It hurts like a death to know that someone you loved was only using you.

When it happens a few times in a row ~ it also causes extreme self doubt along with a massive bruised ego. We sometimes slip back into the ID.


We begin to believe the negative naysayers ~ it was just a pattern. An unconscious pattern we were taught from an early age.

At any given moment in our lives, we can decide that it is not our last chapter ~ change how we feel about ourselves ~ then never again allow a harmful/hurtful person into our lives.


Wait … what?

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in reading/revisiting/relearning the roots of the part of psychology that I’ve been aligned with.

I question everything ~ including my own thoughts ~ on the regular. it’s been some time since doing so.

There’s a lot to bring to our consciousness that lays dorminent in our unconscious.

For example ~ why am I so drawn to Norma Ray and Erin Brockovich?

What is it about the psychology professor I used to support, but later coerced his students into being present at his own sexual endeavors to make them feel uncomfortable ~ that drives me to a fury and outrage?

For me ~ it’s clearly evident but every so often, I forget that not all people in my field have lived a life that abused women. Not all the big name people who study and talk about happiness had to ever endure anything. Especially the discomfort or difficult life of struggle.

They can’t help themselves. They just study it. They are curious about it, but never actually felt anything.

There must be a reason why I’m so fascinated by the Yin/Yang ~ balance between the dark and the light.

When we pay attention to our unconscious ~ we live out our conscious lives more fulfilled.

No matter what fires up your passion to live your best life while doing no harm to others ~ pursue it.

Life sometimes means the perfection of it lives in the seemingly inconsequential things like the wonder of the cat’s eyes. Or the rising of a woman who can no longer tolerate the intolerable acts of humanity.

If you’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore ~ just remember …. take a breath ~ strategize ~ then just go for it. Why not?

And if it’s life itself that feels overwhelming … slow down, escape into a great motivational hero’s journey ~ then hit the refresh button before charging in.

It’s normal to be angry when people try to take advantage of us. It’s also normal to find a new normal once you’ve healed from that trauma loop.

In peace and protest,

(c) @happinessnoir @inkhoneypub @K.ArenHenryMiller

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