555 The Happy Hour

Today was a pretty big one ~ historically ~ for me anyway.

I bought my car one year ago today.

Today marks the last time I saw a complex, controversial person in my life alive. He died two weeks later.

Today marks the day I consciously chose to not work for a terrible, awful, totally fecked up institution that made me mad crazy frustrated with ~ I drove home from Florida on this day many years ago and resigned just a little while later.

I can stay focused on the darkness of that milestone relationship OR< I can stay focused on my Jeep’s 1st birthday.

Here’s a thought.

Why not stay focused on both?

Who said we can’t think of sad and happy times in tandem.

Who said that we can’t love our lives the way they are, but also not like parts of our lives that are now living in our history?


Well, somebody. I could pull out the research but Meh! Why would I want to do that.

I’m working on this 3rd act (or is it 2nd act?) life redesign here ~ no time for the past or future. Only the gift of now.

Thank you Eckhart Tolle for the wisdom and thought nuggets.

555 is the symbolic # of change & transformation.

This week is a soul Equinox which always fascinates me, even if I don’t fully understand it.

I’m allowing curiosity to drive the bus while the limo takes a rest in the garage.

Numerology? Fascinating.

Angelology? Fascinating.

Creatology? Fascinating.

There aren’t enough days in our lifetime to accomplish everything while also pursuing our curious nature. Instead, get creative and pursue those things that bring our lives the most meaning.

My life learned the hard way ~ do NOT get involved in other people’s need for drama. Just … living it ~ doing our best ~ learning along the way ~ and go to the ocean or whatever else feeds your soul.

In peace and curiosity,

(c) @happinessnoir @Inkhoneypub @K.ArenHenryMiller

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