What is your life like in the micro?

Who are you? What is your life like on a daily basis? How do you deal with conflict? What about the mundane?

Photo @K.ArenHenryMiller

Are you happy? Did you find this page ’cause you’re sick of being told to be happy … just be happy as if you had a magic wand?

DO you have a magic wand? ‘Cause that would be awesome.

I just loaded up on my fall color box ‘o paints to gear up for some therapeutic painting. It’s what I do to find a sense of peace. Not always happiness since several of my paintings are currently sitting in storage with a whole lot of FU’s scribbled into the mess that started out pretty good but never good enough.

When I think about it ~ art is not supposed to be the frustrating part of life. When it gets that way, I put it away ~ then the brushes and paints get stale and I have to go out to buy more.

So much for therapy!

I buy some goards ~ paints ~ a few cool brushes to intermingle with my cheap brushes & hit the Michael’s when canvases are on sale.

What can I say ~ I’m high end.


When I paint, I think and when I think, I know I’m in a full flow state with learning something new about the world.

Thanks to the internet, we get to witness genius in action ~ my favorite one (one of them) is an artist in an Asian country ~ not sure which one. He just knows how to simplify the process while creating


A concept that emerged long before the positive psychology movement but ~ both are important to our field.

Without the reading or education of philosophy or psychology ~ all artists know that flow ~ is essential to their art.

Einzelgänger in search of …

Taoism | The Art of Not Trying

All moves out of the way when we are one with the art itself.

Unlike pop culture assumptions that the finished product as the most important part ~ it is the raw being in the moment of creating ~ that’s where the sweet spot of being itself.

Photo by Fiona Art on Pexels.com

We give attention to that which has already been paid attention to by the collective, yet miss so very much of the delicate micro moments that make up the meaningful parts of life.

When flowers bloom ~ when a dance so raw and pure, it moves us to tears ~ how a sweet moment between strangers reminds us of our own humanity ~ these are the things we live for.

The sound of a baby laughing

The smell of laundry on the line in the sunshine

The taste of ripe Georgina peaches, fresh from the garden

The sight of a storm rolling slowly over the mountains in the distance.

The sense that you have been somewhere before, but can’t quite put your finger on it.

When we engage in our senses and they will us, we experience a profound connection to the earth itself.

We are out of sorts when our senses are overwhelmed ~ or offended by the stuff that’s not meant to be in order with nature.

Things to remind us to visualize aesthetic beauty as we endure a part of our journey we aren’t fond of, are the things that bring us back to the senses of being human.

I much prefer the truck route of the I-81 BTW (in case anyone else drives from north to south and back again on any long distance trips).

Travel is an art form.

Knowing how to paint our life experiences is as important to our every day as knowing how to choose a partner, a career, and even a place to live.

The pursuit of happiness is not a one-in-done canned solution. There are as many colors of joy as their are humans on earth.

When one of us sees art ~ we can be moved to tears, rage, joy, love, passion, and sorrow ~ a kaleidoscope of emotions.

The way it should be.

Not “positive” or “negative” but a full body engagement in life itself.

Image: Business Review article about the dancer, Sergei Polunin

Take Take Me to Church by Hozier dancing with Sergei Polunin ~ which IMO, lead to the very popular trend in decorating with country white and blush w/hard black accent pieces ~ not to mention bringing ballet into the 21st century with pure raw beauty in the dancer’s super sexy essence. The abundance of greens fused out just slightly by the rays of sun shining down on the lone dancer. **Watch the YouTube of this dance ~ you won’t regret it**

It’s all part of the experience ~ the 4 minutes, now viewed 29 million times and counting, is breathtaking.

Four minutes took them nine hours of dancing, but weeks of planning. The emotional flow to create it is magical.

It’s a masterpiece in modern art.

Raw vulnerability and pain with love of the art itself. A complete story is told.

Yesterday ~ I let life happen TO me.

I was upset, out of sorts, and ended up exhausted with the emotional imbalance.

Today, I am happening to life as I know it ~ as I want it.

Sometimes, we have to fight for that. Sometimes, we have to push back against anything that offends our flow.

Other times, we choose what we allow and what we don’t.

I spent a whole year walking away from everything that didn’t bring me joy ~ so sticking in unpleasant moments has gotten so much harder.

The quieter I became, the more important the art of living became to me.

I don’t think that’s the case for most people ~ but I am not most people so never assume. There is too much assumption in our world.

Life happens in the micro ~ when I think of my own, I also think of yours. I wonder how you experience life as I live my own.

It’s intentional. That is poetry in motion. The Flow of life itself.

In peace and poetry,

(c) @happinessnoir @InkHoneyPub @K.ArenHenryMiller


We don’t always choose what happens to us ~ We choose how much of it is going to change us. Sometimes, that change is inevitable ~ sometimes not.

The MOST important part of living the life we choose?

“The amount of time we give to something is the value we put on it.” ~ Henry David Thorough.

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