Don’t believe everything you meme

Don’t believe everything you meme ~ the whimsical or factual.

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The irony of our world right now is, we have decided to choose “sides” ~ yet each ‘side’ will say the exact same thing in such a confident manner, that neither is right, or wrong.

I was sort of hoping for the big movie moment when the pandemic hit. You know. That moment when everyone realized we all had to work together to achieve a healing place. Like those really great football movies but even with those ~ there is always “those other guys we have to beat” …. good gravy. Why?

It’s the nature of nature. Survival of the fittest.

I was hoping the human brain had evolved by now, but nope.

Massive killing virus, unify the world/


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Instead, it divided people even more. The haves and the have nots. Pick a subject. Any subject.

We put out this idea that we have to be flawless in our convictions or that we have to align with a side, usually, lead by a person who deems themselves the leader of the thing.

We have influencers and followers, fans and friends we don’t actually know.

This is a beautiful thing as long as we freely agree to be part of that.

When we don’t, we end up socially isolated just to keep the peace.

To those of us not shouting to the rooftops about how unfair the world is, it’s pretty quiet.

We see what’s going on in the world, but are choosing to just stay in our own bubble.

The problem with bubbles is, it also means we bite our tongue or keep a secret that hurts us more than it hurts someone else.

It’s so much easier to just go with the flow.

To like what everyone else likes.

To mob those deemed unworthy of the masses, animating their very humanity ~ some doing so for sport.

When we live in our quiet world of peaceful isolation ~ we see humanity for who it really is.

Not exactly what it wants us to believe.

The Matrix movie, Morpheus ~ Red Pill/Blue Pill conundrum.

What creates such a human who quietly goes about doing the right thing?It makes us better humans.

The Matix is a perfect example of our current conflicts in perception ~ it’s ALL about perception.

I’ve seen both democrats and republicans (I hate that I brought political gobbledegook into this but I’m making a point). ~ use the movies The Matrix twist it to their own agenda. Same for religions. Countries. PTO groups. Car pools. Grocery stores … long list, same message.

With almost 8 billion people on the planet, we feel threatened and compelled to compete.

We’ve seen people yell and scream ~ call each other stupid ~ bang their fists ~ or drive their threatening dirty exhaust trucks flying flags that are supposed to represent every one of us as if they are the ONLY ones w/rights to said flags.

Seriously ~ we are losing it.

We are becoming our own Ouroborus ~ devouring ourselves out of some ideology that only we have the right to exist and can do so without our other half.

Photo Credit: Ouroboros, PetMD editorial article

The rest of us ~ in minding our own business ~ allow both without saying anything. We stay out of it. Even if we agree or not with any of them.

Do we have to choose a side or align with bullies just to keep from being called wishy washy?

No. Some people just want to live their lives without being told what to do or how to think. There’s nothing wrong with that.

That includes NOT being told how to be happy ~ or that there is somehow something wrong with us if our happy looks different than other people’s.

Is it a problem that everyone is out there pitching their portfolio or launching their business? No ~ it’s really cool to see people claiming their lives their way.

Is it okay to just ~ leap into something without actually doing any background work to get there? Well, that just makes them look … not ready.

Then again, the greatest YouTuber of all time is a guy who watches other people play video games. Genius! And wealthy. And smart.

The guy paid attention and followed the path to what he loved. He created the world how we are entertained now. He probably didn’t even think about that. He just did what made him happy and wanted to share that with everyone else.

When people try to suppress us with their idea of how the world is supposed to work, they are saying, “My worldview matters, but yours doesn’t.”

It’s always been that way. It will probably always be that way. Each “side” deciding that they are right while the ‘other’ is wrong.

Dr. Seuss created the Sneetches for just such a message.

Obviously, it’s still trending.

Except now, somebody somewhere is going to try to argue about the children’s book author. They are missing the point I’m making … which is also the point.

We have SO MANY ethics police ~ until someone else decides to police them, then, another snake, eating it’s tail.

I’ve seen radical red and radical blue choose the exact same meme’s to prove their point.

MY question is … who is everyone (including myself) trying to convince?

It’s a question I ask myself every day ~ one that keeps me from saying anything at all. I’m just over here, chillin’ with cats while staying focused on the Kondo Theory of how to live our lives.

Holding it in my hands saying, “does this bring me joy?” if it’s yes, it’s a keeper and if no, it’s a toss.

SO simple. SO logical. SO effortless. I love this simple life.

Accepting everything as is ~ being okay with the sad side right along with the glimpse of light as my normal … it’s the ultimate happiness.

Okay ~ enough out of me ~ I’m off to paint some original stuff … instead of borrowing other people’s memes. I take those with a grain of salt anyway. I hope you do to.

In peace and free will,

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