Not doing a happy hour today

I’m too busy writing a chapter FULL of stuff that is energetically, coming back at me. My full on potty words are turned up loud so my online words are being censored by my internal morality police.

Photo: @K.ArenHenryMiller

I’m focusing on kittens ~ pretty things and kittens ~ these are a few of my favorite things.

There’s a time to write, then there’s a time to check back in with the things that bring us joy.

What’r’ya’gonna’do (say that with a Jersey accent) ~ it’s cuss or .. listen to that Kenny Rogers song.

Scrolling Instagram Motivating Meme makers 🙂

You know ~

Know when to hold ’em ~ know when to fold ’em ~ know when to walk away ~ know when to run … la la la ~

My quiet my brain song (especially when I feel a trigger coming on)

When you give up all the layers ~ peel away the fake everything and live in the center of your own universe ~ you have become a glow up, flow up version of yourself that nobody can touch.

That doesn’t mean someone won’t try to touch you ~ push you down or hurt your soul, ’cause … they will.

Queensryche Quiet Lucidity

It means you are untouchable.

It’s just fecking sad that so many people try.

I used to let them get to me ~ today? I don’t pay any attention to me. **When I’m triggered that is**

The saddest part of bullies is, even after you walked away from their imaginary fight, they still try to track you down to hold you in their nightmare. They don’t realize that they ARE the nightmare.


Do your best ~ do what you love ~ surround yourself only with people who are mature, centered, goal oriented people who have their shit together.

People who don’t have to prove anything to anyone ~ who are fully content with who and what they are. They are your people. They won’t judge you, criticize you, feel threatened by you or go out of their way to “prove you wrong”. They’ll just be interested in the big picture, rather than their own micro aggressions.

I made a decision ~ I’m sticking with it ~ so far … it’s working out quite nicely. Staying focused on that simple reminder (one of my top 5 favorite meme making motivators).


(c) @happinessnoir@Inkhoneypub @K.ArenHenryMiller

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