Thank you for unfollowing ~ the happy hour.

20 people in my “friend” group ~ all members of the ever expanding positive psychology movement I’ve been part of since 2006 ~ unfriended me when I started writing this.

Entertainment Tonight Meme


When I used to know everybody and though, I wasn’t interested in the lime light, I did appreciate the academic networking over things to agree or disagree with.

It’s because I said something out loud about the professor who took his students into a hot tub and proceeded to talk about his first blow job with them.

Ahem, If I (a former adjunct) or any black male would have done that ~ we would have been fired immediately.

The thing is ~ people are protecting him. For 25 years, I’ve been watching academia protect men who abuse their power ~ I’ve experienced first hand … men who abuse their power.

These people are offended that I use the word fuck in a sentence but they aren’t as offended by millions of women getting fucked over by their male bosses, professors, mentors, influencers, or parents.

The work I do in helping women to heal from trauma and abuse means, I’ve heard a hella lot worse.

Here’s the thing.

I. Don’t. Care.

Call me whatever you want ~ including the “c” word. Fork the politically correct, polite crowd don’t like what I have to say.

The survivors are all that matter to me. They (the pp crowd) ~ many of them, but certainly not all ~ are not only protecting this fella ~ they are encouraging and supporting his work. Get this … in his new research project ~ sexual abuse. He is not the first. He will not be the last.

Funny right?

Not haha, but holy forking mother of gawd … what?

My former clients and students and children ~ and future scholars who want to feel safe in their degree programs. They want to feel secure and safe and not exposed to a pervert in a hot tube UNLESS she chooses that for herself.

Me. Circa 1968?


The other c word.

So here I am ~ dancing by myself. Not trying to fight back or build and army or even give details about the number of people like that guy that I’ve known for the past 57 years who feel entitled to steam roll any female who dares to speak out against them.

Just tapping on the keys of my laptop ~ knowing that someone out there is feeling violated, alone, and really needing to hear that she is not alone.

I am not afraid of dancing on my own ~

Calum Scott ~ Dancing on my Own (because we LOVE him)

See you tomorrow,


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