The 444 showed up again, but so did the 555 ~

Evidence of the power of positivity ~ in my very own child.

According to numerology (as I have read it), I am surrounded by angels (the 4’s) and big changes are coming my way (the 5’s). I’ve just heard that another retrograde is happening and the fall equinox recently opened a portal of light ~ in other words ~ we’re very busy over here ~ making my list of fun projects intertwined with science meets writing meets … ??? other stuff.

Psychology of course, adds in some practical advice that when we believe we’re going to see something (like repeat numbers), we are also preprogramming our unconscious to see it.

Curiously ~ an old Irish proverb also says, “If you believe it to be so, it is so” ~ which also happens to come right out of philosophy from a variety of ancient texts.

I could go on but do you see the thread of truth in all of these? I can. But then, I study all of them.

We’re more connected than directed.

Somebody somewhere is going to be upset that I’m curious about the unexplained ~ somebody else is going to complain about the people who complain and yet another one ~ well, you get the point.

Lucifer on Netflix ~ I highly recommend it. It’s cute. Grown up cute. Not kid cute.

If 666 shows up ~ well, then I’m either in trouble OR, Lucifer has a new season. 😉 I’m KIDDING … so please don’t comment/yell at me.

I am of course, speaking of the Netflix show … don’t come at me with your religious beliefs either. The world has become entirely too serious about everything.

We’re allowed to have some fun with knowing how much we know we don’t know.

I worry about people who take things too literally ~ unless you have a brain/body condition that makes you wired that way, then, all is forgiven. I’m sure that metaphors aren’t your cup of tea either. Or the mystical world of tarot ~ or the energy work, like Reiki … but I digress.

The thing is ~ I’m curious about everything. That’s what got me into studying how the human and animal world work in the first place.

Too often, we are quick to judge ~ fast to criticize and triggered by every single thing on the planet.

Don’t just blindly follow the crowd. What a dark, depressing, sad way to live. There is no air down there in that cess pool of mob mentality. Pop your top and let it breathe for a while.

Photo by Julia Volk on

The point of being a scholar is NOT to just go along with the person who put the crown on and said, “I’m King!” or, “I’m Queen” ~

The point of being a scholar is not to be a minion or … as some pessimists say, but I don’t dig it … ‘sheeple’. Minions are better. And cuter.

The scholar/practitioner/researchers in our world are SUPPOSED to be able to comfortably, confidently disagree, or at the very least, agree to consider the points of view of others.

Photo by Suvan Chowdhury on

It is quite disconcerting when someone or a group of someones just ~ shut you down for having an opinion.

Not only is it upsetting ~ it’s dangerous. That’s both mob mentality AND bad practice.

Yet, here we are ~ talking about how certain groups or communities of people will attack …. just attack …. anyone who dares speak up against or in opposition to them.

If someone is being cyber bullied, they will feel all the same emotions as someone who is being bullied in real life. That’s not something to quip about as if it’s just another day at a park.

When hindbrain people are crushing someone for something they saw out in the wild (the urban wild that is), by recording it on their phone, then uploading it for the whole of the universe to laugh at ~ what’s their goal?

How would they like it if it happened to them?

What would they do if it was their mother, sister, grandmother, or favorite aunty who was being publicly humiliated en masse?

We need to be either holding the people holding the phone accountable ~ legally, and morally ~ or continue to just ghost and gray rock those people too. ~ the one’s with the phone.

Today in 2021 ~ it’s a global pandemic. The way people treat each other. It’s the other pandemic that people aren’t talking about.

Nobody’s talking about it because the people on the receiving end are either terrified of public humiliation OR, they can’t be bothered.

We didn’t unify as much as the selfie generation would have you think. We allowed mass bullying but with phones.

I am an eternal sunshine of the spotless mind optimist who saw and experienced bullying but any time I spoke of it ~ I got knocked down. Then, I walked away. Today, I openly speak loud enough for the person in the back of the room to hear me.

I hate injustice ~ and bullying ~ and the fact that I hate anything, but here we are.

Photo by Torsten Dettlaff on

Are there some who are capturing injustices? You bet. MY question for them is ~ instead of picking up the phone, why are we not stepping in?

That’s a bigger debate than this blog has time for, but asking questions ~ good questions … is how we create a better world.

The moment people in power (influencers) start shutting others down who simply don’t agree with them … that’s where we will fail as a species.

Knowing both what makes life worth living in perfect harmony with what makes it not worth living is important. Having a different POV isn’t what we should fear.

Knowing that it’s out there but we’re not allowed to talk about it for fear of mob mentality scholars? That’s the part that is truly terrifying.

I love the number of scholar/practitioners who realize that they may be mega celebrities in their own field/niche, but outside of that? Nobody’s heard of them.

There’s a lot to be said for humble living instead of humble bragging.

Here’s to living your life ~ wanting to know more ~ seeing the wonder in all of it ~ then daring to create a world that’s safe for everyone ~ not just the trending popular group.

Lucifer makes more sense than how some people are treating others on the internet and in life.

So? Netflix is living its best life instead.

Dare to ask questions ~ Dare to wonder ~ Dare to live out your dreams and believe what you believe regardless of what other people say. Dare to lead, even if you’re leading your life only. Love Dr. Brene Brown work, Braving the Wilderness ~ this toolkit is from that book. I dare you to buy and read it. 😉

Dare to love yourself so much that when the darkness of asshats come around, you won’t stop wondering. Dare to live in wonder. Dare to not be afraid of the bullies. Dare to speak up.

In peace and critical thinking,

(c) @happinessnoir @inkhoneypub @K.ArenHenryMiller

p.s… there will be typos ~ I only edit sweep once ~ to keep these first drafts flowing. Typos don’t bother me as much as they may bother other people. We’re all perfectly imperfect just the way we are.

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