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I missed it. I didn’t pay attention to the details. It didn’t bum me out, but it sort of did. TODAY is National Coffee Day but the deals? They were yesterday. Those tricksters.

Photo: @K.ArenHenryMiller

So? Disappointing but also ~ ya know ~ who doesn’t want to drop $3.59 +tx on a cup of coffee that was so strong, I couldn’t actually drink it? Me. I DID say it was trick or treat for grown ups. I got tricked.

C’est La Vie!

One of these days, I’m going to pick up a cuppa from every coffee place in the city, then do a compare and contrast TikTok or YOuTube or something. Then, some jerk is going to call me a “karen” and I’m going to get mad ~ have a bad day and steam about it for a while.

Then, I’ll head home, have my team look at me with their little, “we love you” eyes ~ and I’ll be forced to cheer up so not to bum them out. After that? I’ll kick the coffee habit for a while ~ then 5 am will roll around, and ~ right back to my morning routine. Java’d up and writing snark.

All full of my own version of happy, while I contemplate how the rest of the world works.

Ah, yes. A day in the life of the socially isolated with intention.

Instead of coffee hunting ~ I decided to follow an experiment and let the universe reveal messages to me. I followed a trail of signs to see if that could cheer me up. It lead me to Twitter (God only knows why, since I’m not a fan of Twitter) ~ which lead me to Stephen King, who shared a YouTube about his new book in reference to his other writing masterpiece (On Writing) ~ BEST writing book ever written BTW, IMO.

Now? Though I literally made a vow to NEVER read another King book ’cause he’s TOO good, after reading The Stand some twenty years ago ~ nightmares, and pit of despair stuff … I’m going to have to read his new one. It just sounded too good.

Here ~ listen for yourself ~

People LOVE to talk about and write about darkness. We are a macabre bunch, we humans. We obsess over our horror films, and jump on the most terrifying parts of nightmares on Halloween.

We write darkness into every story, and show our darker side in the gritty details of what it means to be happy.


Are we facing our fears? Trying to scare others? Revealing a part of ourselves that we dare not speak of out loud, for fear of being judged?

Perhaps a bit of all of it, really.

We humans are forever chasing happiness as if it’s this illusive, unimaginable thing that we have to obtain like Peter Pan grabbing at his shadow’s foot. We never connect to it with the realization that like Dorothy, it’s with us all along.

Who the fuck taught us to be scared of ourselves ~ or other humans ~ or … the shadows.

When someone says, “Oh, those are only your thoughts.” ~ I agree. I also know that our thoughts are so powerful, they can convince us to literally change the molecular structure of the rest of the organic matter; career; family; friend group; and every other part of our human life.

Copied from Pinterest art.

Thoughts are the most influential, powerful part of our existance. Listen to them. Or, change them. Don’t accept them “as is” if that’s not working for you but damn … don’t just stew in them if they aren’t treating you well!

Break up with them if they are abusive!

Do NOT go reading that book if you know it’s going to scare you out of your precious sleep pattern.

The darker side of humanity is in each and every one of us. No matter how upbeat and bubbly we are, there is something dark (not sinister, unless there’s also a mental illness) but darkness is everything.

Standing up to our fears is one solution ~ but that’s when our fear is superficial. For those who have REAL fear, and terror in their lives ~ well, then we need to step aside and let them be. Not tell them how to live, but instead, admit that sometimes, it’s the master craftsman who get to take over as the guide to the universe ~ give way to those who know the darkness as a field guide.

Perfect Pic of Venice ~ artist lost in the sharing on the interwebs

PTSD survivors helping others, etc. Artists, showing us our inner most thoughts through their art, as a beacon of courage.

We don’t need Stephen King to terrify us with his brilliant writing or the incessant news outlets trying to freak us out.

We are quite capable of freaking ourselves out, simply by being human.

Ok then, that’s my thought for tonight.

I’m off to reimagine a novel I’ve been stuck in ~ because though some advice once told me that we can’t have a dual career ~ writing both fiction and non-fiction that is ~ those people should have kept their opinions and thoughts to themselves ~ considering they never wrote a book of any sort.


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