Banned books? ~ Dangerous Liaisons.

The moment a human decides that some form of art needs to be banned, be it literature, or paintings, movies, documentaries, poetry, visual or performing art ~ long list, short blog ~ in that moment … we lose a piece of our humanity.

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We look away from what scares us ~ we become afraid of knowledge, rather than learning from it. We don’t want to know our universal truth, so try to erase the past, or not think about the future. It’s too overwhelming for our brains.

We become repeaters ~ then spend our lifetimes, setting up the next big fail so history can repeat itself.

That’s why people are afraid of the dark. We don’t allow our eyes to adjust to it. We don’t let the shadows in to understand them, but instead, flick on that flourescent light in hopes to drown out our natural ability to do pretty much whatever we want.

We are living in a world that lies to us w/giving us only what it thinks we need but holding back the truth that sets us free.

Know how I speak of angel numbers or numerology? ~ Something that some members of the psychology community think are silly, while others, in the field know are absolutely important to our connection to others?

70% of the world’s population believe in angels. Three major religions that have often warred with each other, share a common belief in some of those same arch angels. Yet, what do the humans do to protect what they know?

They denounce the other as “wrong” ~ even when they are saying the exact same thing.

This very blog is evidence that I am an eternal optimist who believes in the power of knowledge, learning and unabashed hope for our world.

Poster on ~ a pretty cool one at that.

I’m not the only one who is looking into the abyss. There are researcher/scholar/practitioners from a multitude of disciplines who are right now ~ pouring out content that is agreeing with me.

Not just me ~ but the entire reality that we have to sit with the darkness to learn where it can contribute to our soul work ~ our psychological work and our body work. Mind. Body. Soul.

Well, I starting seeing “1010” ~ so many meanings but it sums up to “focus on the light” “stay positive” even though I’ve said the word “positive” so many times, it’s lost it’s meaning for me.

The thing is, being able to focus on the dark, makes the dark less scary for us. Seeing the darkness IS being positive ~ the shadow side of optimistic isn’t negative it’s seeing the balance and acting on keeping everything firmly grounded ~

Even the positive psychology scholars are telling people to go outside in nature ~ to walk barefoot in the soil ~ to breathe in the fresh air and soak up some sunshine. They are even telling people to appreciate the stars and moon. The darker the sky, the brighter the stars.

Being able to read a book or watch a film about real life that is upsetting helps us to motivate to do better ~ to be better humans.


We look away and try to ban it.

Then, we go to films that are made intentionally to terrify us. October is the biggest month for the horror film genre … no thanks. I’m more of a Casper the Friendly Ghost sort of person.

But I also get how people are scrambling to desensitize from the nightmares.

We write books that keep us up at night, giving us dark thoughts that disturb us. We see the world differently when we scare ourselves.

We should be scared of complacency.

We should be terrified of the human monsters who walk around justified in their horrible actions.

Ironically, the people who fight against banned books ~ will also try to ban certain movies, or documentaries ~ tv shows ~ series on networks such as Netflix ~ but banning is banning.

Karen Marie Morning, Author

It has two faces.

Discussing in a flock of humans how something is “bad” for the world instead of using some deep listening as to why others think it’s a good for us to see, no matter how uncomfortable ~ is equally dangerous.

Arguing is useless, but it is very human. Banning books is giving power to those who may not have earned it or are good at it, but instead, are trying to simply control a part of the world that they themselves, feel no control over ~ inside their own mind.

For you ~ a few lists of banned books. Banned words are the very words we need to take notice of.

Words are only words until our own mind gives them meaning. They are not dark, or evil, or dangerous.

Manipulating the truth? That is VERY dangerous.

Book Riot & ~ click the pics for links to more info. ALL of the crumpled paper quotes are from Book Riot in celebration of the banned books.

In peace and happy reading!

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