it’s a good time to check in with the social media addictions

All day ~ Facebook and Instagram have been down. I hear WhatsApp and Messenger are also but I don’t use them. Sounds like a Zucker-punch by someone


Somebody is monkeying around with our friends at the mega money makers.

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I’m SO glad I was a happy-go-lucky human long before the internet came around.

MY guess is ~ well, I posted a few of them to Twitter. I found it really funny that they announced it on Twitter. I’m easily amused. 🙂

I’ve checked Facebook and Instagram about 7 times each. :/

Some people are freaking out. Others are panicking. Others still are having an all out panic attack because their business and/or life depend on the social connections.

It’s a great time to check in with self ~ see how we’re all doing ~ ask ourselves how, or why we are so strung up like laundry on the line by the socials ~ and then ….

To ask ourselves do we NEED this?


My young millennial said, “people need to find other search engines” ~ she’s right!

But I go deeper than that. I wonder if I’d be happier being 100% offline.

I had students who told me they deleted all of their social media entirely. I respect them for it.


Not a single app or piece of technology. Not even a cell phone. They (and there were a few of them) had a phone at home ~ their jobs, family, friends and that’s it. Circa 1980’s style.

It’s not a bad idea.

To be checking it 7 times for work ~ that’s one thing. To check it 77 times? That’s an issue.

I don’t know which number is considered a reg flag, but it’s out there. I’ll check in with my ACA connections.

Until then, go hang your laundry on the line.

I hope you’re in a place where you can go outside, have some freedom to be in your own space, enjoy your day ~ love all over your Monday ~ social media free.

Honestly? Life before the internet was pretty good. I found an article I agree with in Business Insider. It points out some of the better qualities of that life ~ one I sort of miss.

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