~ So ~ how much do we get involved?

The whistleblower ~ followed by the Ooopsy from Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp/Messenger ~ followed by ~ sorry … we seemed to misplace our keys ~ followed by … well, ya know … it’s a long list.

My cat was thrilled that I was offline, hanging with her more yesterday. Look at that face. She’ll in heaven 🙂

Ink, The C.A.T. of Ink&Honey Publishing

My first thought was ~ I didn’t miss social media all that much, followed by, wow, that lady has guts!

Then, my opinion went to … it’ll all work out in the end, like everything seems to ~ with enough time.

Time truly is the greatest healer.

Remember the OJ trial ~ if you’re old enough ~ you’ll remember how obsessed people were with it. I was working on my master’s at the time, so also working in my father’s restaurant. That was when people could still smoke in restaurants and his partner, but all their friends smoked.

Photo by Olha Ruskykh on Pexels.com

It was disgusting.

The obsession noir AND the smoking were disdainful.

When doctors ask you, “Have you ever smoked?”, they should include “Have you ever survived working in an enclosed space for an extended period of time, where others were smoking, forcing you to breathe in their 2nd hand smoke?”

‘Cause that happened. I now have chronic seasonal asthma because of it. If they weren’t all dead, I’d think about suing them.

But I digress.

The point is ~

… those people along with people around the country, all held on to the televisions from first thing in the morning until late at night. They were thrilled at the tragedy. I was mortified. I’m pretty sure that pathological behavior is what sparked my interest in psychology in the first place.

Not the trial. That made me cringe. The human need to watch the trial with the morose hope that someone would get the death penalty. They even sexualized the victim, which was particularly disgusting.

Anywho ~ that was the the first voyeur pathology I ever witnessed. Then, reality TV launched the lawyer’s daughter and her family into a billion dollar brand with many, many spin offs and now, everyone seems to be jumping on that voyeur obsessed need to be seen or watch the destruction of others.

For as long as I’ve been an adult ~ not necessarily mature, LOL, but an adult ~ I’ve witnessed my fare share of abuse ~ from all walks of life.

Just recently ~ I saw that one of my favorite leaders in the field had abused his students with his power over them ~ and trust me ~ when a female actually takes legal action against a guy in power ~ it’s usually MUCH worse than the legal system will allow ~ but he wasn’t punished or even really reprimanded.

Pinterest saved ~ @HenryHealing

I’m old enough to not give a shit about speaking of that which can’t be talked about “or else” and young enough to continue to speak up for victims of sexual abuse (all genders) who aren’t strong enough to speak for themselves ~ yet.

As a matter of fact, he is being supported by other powerful people, both male and female ~ people who will help him to launch his career even further.

The students will be living with this trauma for the rest of their lives. It will follow them, as it has followed me, and every client I’ve ever met ~ for the rest of their lives.

We are giving a message loud and clear that abuse of power is a way of life.

When colleges allow rape, abuse, torment, traumatizing, threatening, beating, and covering up ~ they are sending a clear message about who matters and who does not.

When I became an advocate for survivors of trauma ~ I lost a lot of people who didn’t want me to talk about it.

As a matter of fact, the silence of the woods is so much easier ~ the silence of the ever chattering internet is so much easier when turned off.

We can choose to gobble up the overwhelming understanding that humanity is choosing to be a voyeur on the tragedy of the lives of others ~ while preaching a whole hearty, “I’ll show you how to be happy” mantra.

Even people in the happiness industry, can be either sensitive to the needs of others or monsters in disguise.

We must realize that ~ people are people with every human emotion that all others have. There are no gods or goddesses here.

Every industry ~ and country ~ and civilization has a multitude of both good and bad. Life is balance.

I have known monsters ~ but I’ve also met enough angels to balance them out.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It takes great courage to show up to your own life ~ your own truth.

To listen to the brave woman ~ the Whistleblower ~ who stood up to share what was going on behind the algorithms at Facebook confirm my suspicion that we are intentionally being spoon-fed the poison of hatred and anger.

Our mental health is so much more important than being admired online by a bunch of strangers.

To me, the way we live defines the way we feel about ourselves. WHEN we have a choice in how we live. Not all people everywhere have that luxury of choice.

I only just discovered Tik Tok ~ I try to change the algorithms by “liking” or is it “following” people who are positively funny (as opposed to jerks who make fun of people for sport) OR, informational people in the medical/legal/psychological industries.

It’s awesome to see people doing something proactive with it.

Unfollow any and all who are not contributing a verse to your life.

I’m adding this here because even talking about abuse can be triggering. I’m here to help the silent ones ~ the victims ~ the survivors. Links to resources, including my own.

One day ~ you too, will find your voice ~ until then, there is help everywhere. You may not know that ~ I know I didn’t and only barely survived it 100% on my own.

These resources are for you ~



@DoctorRamani ~ follow her. She’s a game changing Psychologist ~ and a life saver.

I do occasionally have room for clients ~ please check out my website for info. and contact.



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