New Age and Old School don’t mean the same thing that they meant just ten years ago. The new trend (and it is new) to just blankly accept a truth if it seems to align with the people you already have in your life vs. a more logical approach to understanding something by staying open to learning about it.

To be ~ or not to be ~ that IS the question.

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I’m a total fan of higher education because it teaches people how to think. At least it used to. Not to memorize for the purpose of passing a test, but to really think. Critical thinking; problem solving; emotional intelligence; purposeful conversations that involve multiple views of the same issue. That’s why we are whole heartedly on team higher edu.

The catch? It’s so expensive that many people are finding alternative routes to life beyond schools. It continues to open up like a sink hole on exposing classism.

Privilege and wealth allow people to attend 4-year colleges and beyond. The community or trade colleges are teaching a craft.

I worked for one for a short time, until I realized it wasn’t there for students, it was there to take their money. It was the worst state run 2-year school I had ever seen. I was told that out of the 4.0 system, this school would keep students enrolled if they had a .5 … that’s a .5 out of 4.0 ~ that’s just taking people’s money. Basically, even if they were failing every class, the school would hold on to them, as long as they could find money.

That’s criminal ~ isn’t it? It should be.

The point is ~ where are we cultivating real learning? How to tell the morals, ethics, philosophies and critical thinking skills that used to be part of spirited campus conversations? A new Age of Enlightenment has a new face. Social media.

On YouTube? Tik Tok for the win? There are a LOT of professionals on Tik Tok, teaching skills, facts, and funny sides of their professional endeavors. I don’t hate it. There’s also a LOT of garbage and stupidity ~ it’s all in what we choose to see.

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In the 80’s and 90’s, when we spoke of a ‘new age’, we were talking about enlightenment which to some was dumb but to those experiencing an awakening of the self, it was profoundly deep.

Today, it’s being used to sell candles and tarot cards.

Another trend ~ people’s belief systems are also big business. You don’t have to have any training, education or knowledge beyond your own point of view and BAM!

You have 300K followers and now, considered an expert ’cause you have charisma.

The better looking you are, the more followers.

Are we seriously going to be that vapid?

At the moment, yes, we are.

Twenty years ago, when reality tv was still a novelty, I remember saying out loud to my kids (who were very little at the time), “This is so stupid, it’s never going to take off”.

Ha! I was so wrong. It’s cool. I can laugh at my own mistakes.

🙂 I love it when a motivational speaker looks directly into the camera and tells you to stop listening to motivational speakers. Hilarious! Does anyone else see the irony? Anybody? Funny right? BTW, I love Mel Robins, but y’all know what she’s up to? Or am I just old enough to have been around that block enough times.

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We raised a generation of humans with those reality tv shows, and now?

They live by them. They live in them. They have all seemed to turn themselves into reality celebrities.

When we take something special and make it ordinary, it is nothing more than ordinary.

The ones who are rising to the top?

Here’s the formula ~ humble brag about your flaws ~ find some thing that’s really hard or sad in your own life ~ tell your “vulnerability” story to the world, followed by ~ being critical of others about their flaws and vulnerability.

In the words of Igino Montoya, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”

*We don’t have to be super model skinny to be enlightened.

*We don’t have to be young or forever striving for “reverse aging” to be enlightened.

*We don’t even have to look damn good in yoga pants or show an abundance of financial wealth to understand that to be enlightened is not a new matcha formula.

But damn ~ keeping up with the digitally altered perfection is exhausting.

For some weird reason, we are now rebelling against kindness ~ I saw it in a New Yorker Cartoon calling kindness the new pandemic like it was a bad thing.

We are worshipping celebrities ~ accepting everything they say, even if they are dumb as rocks but look amazing in their impossibly expensive clothes that are made out of only okay materials made in awful factories that exploit others.

We are buying the illusion but forgetting our own lives are just as spectacular.

Normalizing normal ~ will that ever trend?

I hope so.

Look at Jay Shetty, who let’s face it, gives good face which is how he, over all other temporary monks ~ has become famous.

Young women (and men) swoon when Jay Shetty speaks ’cause he’s so damn beautiful. Then, he gets his message of enlightenment in there while gazing into the camera. Good on you Jay and your look alike lovely wife.

Jay Shetty, Author of Think Like a Monk (and total eye candy)

The laughing ~ the happily partnered up couple (also trending, to be in a secure coupledom)~ the joyful positive energy ~ all while traveling to lovely places, or creating a moment with a simplicity ~ carefully set up to create envy from the viewers.


What have we done to ourselves?

We have been sucked into the envy, greed, and desire business.

We envy these people ~ that’s why we follow them. We want to be them in some subconscious way.

We have been convinced that we need the words of these people and they play the part to perfection.

Hell, I love ’em too. I would LOVE to “live my best life” perfectionism ~ but instead, I’m cleaning up dog vomit at 3 am ’cause the reality of a 16-year old dog is, he has old man problems.

Photo: Rocco, the best very good boy @ age 16.

I’m constantly cleaning up after him and the cats; car pooling a kid to high school and writing my own content ~ no assistants or ghost writers or money managers.

Is it just SO easy to create this illusion of a life just by studying reality technology celebrities?

Photo by T DW on

We’ve watered down our tea; our traditions and our talent. We take the easy way out by using digital alterations rather than putting in the work.

When the internet (or social media) goes down, people lose their minds. We are SO addicted to being online that I see it as just another crack.

What did you do all day when it went down?

Savor? Engage? Read ~ an actual book? Socialize? Nap? Write ~ on paper, with a pen?

MORE than ever ~ people are becoming clinically depressed or socially anxious because they can’t live up to the expectations of what we’re viewing.

What we’re viewing is a total illusion Matrix ~ dangerous shit, if you ask me.


I’m not into False positives ~ which includes people, places and experiences that require I update myself on the regular about who or what is trending.

Sorry. I’m just not that into you ~ trend ~ whatever you are.

Here’s the oxymoron of the whole thing ~

We can’t be pulled in to follow a trend and also be true to ourselves at the same time.

What’s the point of all this?

Embrace change ~ but stay aware ~ be true to yourself ~ as hard as that is in our addiction to following trends ~ love what you have “as is” without falling into the trap of craving what we don’t have.

OH ~ and don’t attend a shitty school that keeps taking your money without teaching you anything. You can actually learn more about what to look for in a college or educational investment on Tik Tok than in an antiquated, out of date old school.

That about sums it up.

Also ~ this blog is long ~ on purpose. 300-word attention spans are not my cup of tea. Build up that muscle or paying attention for longer than 15-30 seconds.

In peace and paying attention,

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Jay Shetty

Mel Robins

Princess Bride

Matrix World

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