Write ~ then write some more

Photo: K. Aren Henry Miller Eastham, Cape Cod.

The more someone writes, the easier it flows.

Creative writing is a muscle ~ however out of shape it is, it can become a toned, sexy, beast of a career. Magic flows from the finger tips as they connect to the conscious awareness of worlds that can’t be seen.

For all that there is a mad passion with books, there will always be a mad passion to write.

Part of this verbal diarrhea of a website is to also write in a flow that makes more sense to me than to prove a point or emulate any of the ‘old me’ professional life.

I’m writing a novel ~ I get stuck ’cause my brain is trained to be academic about it. Stop. Research. Stop. Clean up the writing. Stop. Think critically. Stop. Use third person. Stop. Follow all the rules. Stop. Be sure that it will be acceptable to others in the field. Stop. …. you get the point.

Talk about a mood killer when you’re writing fiction!

Even the NaNoWriMo kills it for me. I’ve finished 50K goal every year for years. What I haven’t done? Publish most of them or not like any of the stuff that I have written.

The problem is, there is so much damn cheerleading, not to mention the survival skills to be popular, right and well read along the way. In and of itself, the NaNo is a great idea. How we get that writing to print is what stops me cold. I have zero interest in being either popular or seen. I don’t care about that at all. Sort of a buzz kill for a writing career, don’t you think?

I’m in the process of unlearning everything I’ve learned so I can jog my creative brain to kick it up a notch.

I’m glad to see people popping out their fiction here. I’m still a newbie on WordPress, which is nice.

When you slide into your fifties ~ it’s fun to be new at something. Back in the 80’s, I did two degrees in mass communications ~ the writing and art part were my favorite. Then, I went to NYC ~ took a job in advertising only to realize that I was not living out my dream but someone else’s supply and demand.

Seem’s like a theme for me.

If I could tell every person out there what not to date in a career ~ it’s this ~ don’t commit to the career that isn’t meant for you.

Run, like hell toward your passion, then hold on tight as you learn how to fly with it.

Writing ~ like life, is an art form. Right now, I’m remembering who I was before I did what was expected of me back in the day. It’s a process.

For the longest time, I was the lighthouse for people. Now? I’m in search of one ~ new shores. Old metaphors. Hm? I think I may have a metaphor problem. What’s an anagram of Metaphor + Addiction?

Anywho ~ to all the writers out there ~ Flow ~ however imperfect or weird ~


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