Women are writing

Kindness is being criticized in the media (saw a cartoon in the NYTimes)

Found on Pinterest ~ no original artist tagged. Rumi quote noted.

I am acutely consciously aware of how the past 7 years have radically changed my life. I died several times over. Nobody came to save me. I saved myself. I gave up everything that was holding me to a place, to people, to experiences that caused me so much pain, I thought I was in hell.

Pain is a funny playmate. It makes you question everything. You negotiate with your soul contracts. You become a peace seeking warrior. Or, you give up. Others did their best to try to make me give up. They gave it their best shot. It didn’t work.

It made me grow stronger. Shit, I didn’t want this level of resilience. Nobody deserves it. I know it was and is, much, much worse for many millions of people around the globe. I’m also acutely consciously aware of the power of energy healing. Of my purpose. Of the meaning of life. Of the power of love.

I didn’t just research or write about pain. I fucking lived it. I survived it.

I don’t need to pretty up my words to talk about it. If my words offend you, then there are plenty of women glowing up with the flowery language all over the place. Go find their dropped petals. They are the ones with the millions of followers.

I’m over here being raw in my truth. For better or worse. Committed to helping others who are only now on the beginning of the path I was on.

That’s what we do. When we go through hell and survive. We head back in to save others just starting out.

I didn’t have helpers. I had witnesses who watched me squirm. I went through so much in such a short period of time, it traumatized the system like shock therapy.

Thank God.

Social shock therapy woke me up to reconnecting with my soul like that had been buried for too long.

I had forgotten entirely that I had a right to love myself and to be loved.

We are forgetting about the importance of love as a cure for all things.

NOBODY has the right to treat you as if you don’t deserve love, safety, peace, security, nutrition (physical and spiritual), a sense of wellness for yourself.

7th grade ~ SEVENTH grade … a baby in my eyes … “Why Am I Not Good Enough” ~

We are cruel from childhood OR, we are the targets of cruelty since childhood.

This was the same age I started my journey as a target of bullies. I was conditioned to be abused from 7th grade on ~ it’s never too late to put a stop to it. It is never too early to start rejecting the voices of tormenters and bullies.

Civility is being questioned by those who want to change what they see in the world. They have the meme version down pat, but ~ do they fully understand the nuances of what details go into that? Not sure.

I witnessed a squirrel get hit by the car coming in the other direction this morning. I’m still rattled. Death is violent and ugly in the life of the squirrel. Since I love the little woodland sentient beings, I’m pretty unhappy about it.

People are going in droves to social media to bitch and complain at each other. There are two distinct groups. Cheerleaders or angry protesters.

You can say something as simple as ~ I like that color green. It flatters you.

Photo by jasmin chew on Pexels.com

IF you are famous, or have many followers, hundreds of people will flock to your green picture to tell you how amazing you are. Even if they have no idea if you are amazing or not ~ they will be your loyal knights in green armor. Not only will they praise and adore you for your choice of green, they will defend your right to wear it with death threats against anyone who dares to say, “it’s okay, but you look better in blue”.

What? How DARE someone tell very perceptually famous beauty that she looks better in blue.

Then, the gloves come off.

Ridicule, death threats, violent words, emotional bullying, insulting your family, mocking you, visiting your page to dig as deep as they can to tell you specifically how to fuck off ~ violence against humanity. In real time.

All on a flipping Facebook post? WTF people?

We all know that this spattering of hate filled rants happen 24×7 now.

I know that a great deal of this is done on purpose.

Rationally, and with a bit of exposure ~ this cyber bullying awful is the only way some people feel power. They are bored, or sad, or maybe vastly misunderstood in their real lives, so they intentionally follow things or strangers that they hate.

Wait, … what?

What is going on in the psyche of someone who is following someone they hate. Obsession? Internal mental health issues? A compulsive need to hurt others, but don’t want to get in trouble by doing so with people they know?

Mental illness?

Social illness for sure!

A broken system that’s rigged to guarantee to push your negative response button is the real reason.

What was once a social way to interact has become another way for abusers to find people to abuse. I’ve heard rational, otherwise, pretty normal people talk about how funny it is.

They actually think it’s entertaining and funny to verbally abuse strangers on social media. They stalk people they feel entitled to. They decide that someone has no right to a life of being online, so they make it their mission to disrupt that person’s life as much as possible.

The abuser creates false names, false accounts and fake personalities just to go stalk someone they don’t like.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Is this legal? No. Do people get away with it? Yes. Why? Because we don’t have enough law enforcement in the cyber security business.

When I was cyber bullied (terrorized), I was told the the closest lawyer who specialized in it was in NYC ~ hours away from where I was.

Women are joining forces to put a stop to the emotional and psychological pain that this is causing their lives.

Of course, BTW, this also happens to males and other gender identity folks, but I work with women and speak from a lens of holistic healing with a female (including trans female) lens so ~ that is my POV. For now.

Writing about women who survive trauma has given me a new perspective on an age old issue.

Why can’t people just leave women the fuck alone?

How is it that females in our world continue to get targeted (10 times more than men)?

Women who speak up and out, are quickly also followed by others (including other women) who try to shut them down.

There are several principles in the organizations I belong to.

“Do No Harm” is my favorite.

The thing is ~ there are too many people both online and offline who are just running free range without a lot of direction.

Civility matters.

Who are you? The you before they told you who you are? Photo found on Pinterest @HenryHealingPOV

Organized chaos is okay if it’s going to help change a paradigm, but not if it’s going to hurt people.

Have opinions, and shake up the parts of your life you don’t like but good gawd, if you don’t like someone else’s opinion ~ just … scroll.

If someone is out there hurting other people (like sex offenders and narcissistic sociopaths) ~ and you want to start a campaign … be you booboo, but have some concrete evidence before shredding someone over something you heard.

After falling down the rabbit hole of Tik Tok for the past couple of weeks ~ I decided to shift my social media focus. It was not because Tik Tok offered anything else beyond Twitter or Linkedin.

It was me. I realized that social media is changing rapidly, at the same time that I’m ready to take my career to a new place. Linkedin and Twitter have been dead weight for me.

I’m not trying to win a popularity contest.

I want simple

I embody the move toward the simple life.

I have a quest and vision that insist that I shift into my “something more”

ONE of those things is ~ stop doing stuff that other people tell me I have to do to be accepted by what they believe is right.

Starting doing only the things I find joy in or I know will help the world around me a better place. Not for them ~ for me.

When we focus on making our own lives the best they can be ~ that’s how we collectively make the world at large a better place.

Instead of throwing ourselves into following those we can’t stand or don’t like ~ our overall balanced health will come from following and embracing things/people/places we love.

Women. Write. Record your life. Becoming the author of your own story. Ignore every single person who tells you that you have no right to tell your story.

You do.

In peace and happy writing.

Want to participate in the NaNoWriMo with me? I’m signing up to do it again this year. I’ll share the links next time.

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