Post Traumatic Meme Disorder

We read the memes and hear the non-expert experts toss out whimsical advice on how to live our lives in the pursuit of happiness.

This past year, my coming of age was realized. It just came at a much older age than I had realized. Instead of trying to change the wind ~ I adjusted the sails and changed myself.

The journey of a thousand miles …. begins with our Declaration of Independence from the social constructs we burden each other with.

Posted to Oprah’s Daily Inspiration Email

Do you see what I did there? I used SO many meme quotes that we push into each other’s inboxes, we end up having to Unlearn everything we think we know.

For me, I’m on a cleanse. A social pressure cleanse of all the advice, advocates and ageist asshats who push their agenda w/little regard for the well being of others.

Those memes?

Many ignore actual mental health. They spiritually bypass our spiritual health. Or, they dismiss and degrade any personality struggles.

They even take a sliver of what a qualified expert states, twist it into whatever serves them, then quote it for profit, disregarding the rest of the story.

They aren’t harming all women but … the slice of life mentionable aren’t exactly helping people either.

One of the most misquoted meme-therapy slivers is plucked from Carl Jung.

Suffering is trending right now.

Brene Brown is being used as a mental health bypass so that gaslighting via picked apart psychology can be tossed at the vulnerable.

The word ‘vulnerability’ itself is so overused, I wonder if anyone even fully realizes what Brown’s original research meant.

Carl Jung ~ and yet, he also said so much more than this. Carl Jung also strongly advocated for both dreaming and critical thinking and conscious awareness.

We have 18 year old’s writing professional articles, but quoting the comment sections of social media as if they are authorities, without knowing who those people (bots) are! WTF is that?

Nothing against eighteen year olds, but in an age of ageism being at an all time high, perhaps this is why. It is. In case you’re wondering.

I love Greta Thunberg ~ but she is a child. WHY are adults putting the burden of responsibility on the shoulder’s of our children.

OR, middle aged white males who lived in the Victorian era?

Our kids are growing up thinking that meme art is the same thing as therapy. It’s so very not.

As for social media ~

We are giving advice on Tik Tok as if we are all experts. We are not. So much of the stuff I’ve heard in just the past couple of weeks is wildly wrong. Wrong information delivered by self appointed experts is some dangerous shit.

We have millionaires who have no concept of struggle or poverty, but make even more money by leading people on who desperately want to walk out of financial hardship.

(Gary Vee is a classic case of starting out with three million already under his golden goose egg). So are several golden egg trust fund baby experts who were born into privilege yet make their money, selling their experience as if it’s the same as the rise of the Oprah’s of the world.

Gary’s got some great stuff to say ~ he’s also saying it from the lens of having a foot up when he started.

We demand knowing someone’s background in our celebrity crush/motivational speakers and yet … why don’t we also demand to know the background of our spiritual leaders ~ our professors ~ our medical doctors ~ our teachers ~ or our partners.

If you’re going to follow advice, do some research.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Be confident enough in yourself to know that everything you hear isn’t always true.

Don’t believe everything you meme.

Meme art from somewhere, googled or Pinned ~ quoting we can only assume is Will Rogers.

Understand the words of wisdom from our true experts who spent years training while also experiencing the world ~ they are the people we learn from.

Always remember and never forget ~

Even WebMD says, don’t trade this in for actual medical advice from your own doctor.

The same is true for therapists, coaches, counselors and qualified (actual) spiritual advisors who aren’t there to mess up your belief system.

We’re living in a time of vapid/shallow/surface level solutions to real life, profound, mental health and identity crises.

Believe what you believe ~ that’s all you. That’s your right.

The most important thing for a genuine post traumatic growth is to be aware that right now ~

We are in a time of misinformation

We are shelling out life advice from the curb

We are whimsically wishing away serious, clinical diagnostics by tossing mental health bypassing at each other. Which can be damaging beyond belief.

Happiness is being used as a weapon of mass deconstruction of truth. Be wary of the memes with meaning.

Deep dive into the research. I linked the official pages to each name ~ happy questioning. That’s the scientific way.

(c) @happinessnoir @InkHoneyPub @K.ArenHenryMiller

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