Yes, but … did you meme it? In Theory?

Carl Jung lived from 1875-1961. We still hang on his every word. Sort of. There is that little thing about psychology where we appreciate our foundational understanding of the human condition, but we don’t have to stay stuck in the theories of the past.


Our job is to question them, not become their cheerleaders. Our social responsibility is to evaluate their relevance to all populations, not blindly follow on their every word.

Carl Jung was a white male who lived in Victorian era Eastern Europe. As were all the others of his day. His work didn’t involve all populations any more than our modern day theorists.

Positive Psychology is trying … but it’s taken them over a decade to realize they had to try to include people of color, other populations outside white privilege, and people who live in poverty. Sorry, not sorry. It’s true. It’s been a blazing red flag on the field since its inception. They don’t like people talking about that. I’ve been saying it for years. It took a brighter star to shine on the black hole of truth. Doesn’t matter … at least it’s being slowly corrected.

Developing theories is the job. Those theories are then challenged by other researchers who hope to seek tenure (can’t get fired) and to step in as the head honcho of the field. Then someone else tries to challenge that person’s theory, or the original theorist claps back at the OG challenger, making a life time of back and forth bickering in the most civilized, polite manner.

I’m not a sophisticated sort of academic … I have blue collar stock running through my veins. I’ve been shamed because of that. Except, I’m not embarrassed that I had to work for what I’ve got. As do many people who are authentically, true to themselves.

I’m not sure how many people in the non-academic general population know that about where their 7-fiugure pop culture celebrity academics come from. It’s all very Henry VIII dog-eat-dog, publish or perish stuff.

People read the memes. They buy the books. They even walk around after reading ‘The Red Book’ as experts in their cyber verse on Jung’s theories. (meta verse? LOL)

Academia is a world unto itself.

The social sciences are an organic creature that grows, changes, evolves and develops as they should. The quirky side is, they also grow dynasties worth big money. It’s a fascinating study of society and culture.

Medicine is the same ~ and yet, all that research and testing, validating and proving …. it actually does know what it’s talking about. How is it that people aren’t trusting science? Mind boggling but … it’s because they don’t take the time to read into where the theories come from, or where it’s going.

1879 ~ that’s when we started deep diving into the psyche if living beings. What can 142 years do for us?

Know what’s wild. A few weeks ago, my own mother told me that her grandfather would be 142 years old when his birthday came around.

Someone living today knows someone who lived 142 years ago. Trippy, when you think about it. One has nothing to do with the other, except, we forget to think about our timelines.

The past isn’t that far away, but the evolution of what’s been done in that same amount of time is mind boggling sometimes.

But that’s the backstory to what I was thinking about today.

This statement for example in how we all have the same opportunity to become who we truly are … a big sweeping gesture of theory.

Wouldn’t that be a lovely thing.

We would all be happy.

There would be no want or war.

The world wouldn’t be filled with people screaming or lecturing each other in random comment sections on social media.

Humans would stop just assuming that everyone else was like everyone else. We’d all be pretty cool with all the differences.

And yet, here we are. Circulating again.

Thinking about where women were in 1879 compared to where we are in 2021 for example. Why are we still fist fighting our way through having equal rights with our male counterparts?

What gives with glibly sharing meme philosophy while also judging others to the point of trying to destroy them if they don’t agree with us.

Everyone is either fangirling or fighting. The outliers are ostracized because the masses don’t understand them.

Where is the love?

Where is all this acceptance that we’re all talking about.

Alpha females (yep, still talking about the female population) are inserting themselves into society as our resident experts. There are some powerfully influential women that I admire.

The trust fund babies? Legacy babies? They didn’t earn it. I don’t admire them just because their fangirls say I have to.

That makes me an outsider.

The same goes for males of course. There’s a whole other level of power there though.

Our non-binary friends are still just trying to be heard, left alone to live their lives, and be their authentic selves without threat of violence.

What’s Carl Jung have to do with the arm chair psychology of today’s social media or its influence on our influencers?

He was one of the professional influences in my own career choice. I always wonder what Carl would say about the state of the world if he had lived today?

Yeah ~ that’s the sort of stuff I think about.

I also know to not blindly follow every word without also questioning how it applies to other cultures, other people, other socioeconomic conditions.

In today’s world, not everyone can simply ‘change their circumstances’.

People who experienced severe trauma for example, have to do battle with their psychological health as well as their financial health before they can create that authentic living.

What’s the point of all this?

Know where your meme art comes from.

Become aware of your own history and the history of those you take life advice from.

‘Vulnerability’ is the current most overused word … well, maybe it’s a tie for ‘Positivity’. Both have been part of the lexicon of the decade. Both are currently being used to live our “best lives” and to sell toothpaste in equal measures.

Does anyone else find that weird?


We don’t all live on the surface, but we don’t all live in the deep thinking well either, now do we?

It’s been a long year. it’s been a deep think year for everyone. The #GreatResignation is a prime example of how people are really thinking hard about the quality of their lives.

Self included.

I’ve been going through a massive transformation.

So have a lot of others. What’s the current stat? Four million people in July alone, walked away from their jobs. Did they?

People are finally saying, ‘these working conditions aren’t worth it’. Are they?

Someone else said that businesses are advertising for job openings, but then insiders are claiming that the company isn’t actually hiring, but trying to cover their butt so they don’t have to pay back their PPP loans.

It’s SO complicated. But it’s intriguing. And too big a topic for one person trying to improve their life to focus on.

One day at a time. One step at a time. Global issues don’t have to be solved in a day. That’s a life time’s job.

“The Privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are” ~ lifetime being the operative word.

Changing our lives to our true, authentic, genuine happy seeking life takes a LOT of work.

The current great resignation is a prime example of people are trying. They are actively working toward it. This sign of encouragement is very exciting.

For me it is.

It must be a vibe. An energy shift toward hope? For me, it’s a sign of hopefulness.

A sign of badassery on behalf of everyone who is singing the rebel yell to want more, more, more. Which, we are all entitled to.

Here’s to your big, exciting, adventuresome, very good year.

Theory is just that. Theory. Is just theory. Usually based on world building to make us better humans. don’t real the online pop up Buzzfeed science. Get into the real stuff. It’s worth it to be fully informed.

IN theory …. take what you need, but give back what you learned.

In peace and open mindedness,

OH … and let’s all stop being asshats toward people just trying to live their best lives. It’s not our business.

Do no harm … mind your business.

(c) @happinessnoir @InkHoneyPub @K.ArenHenryMiller

Photo: @K.ArenHenryMiller

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