100% Happy

This meme wins the internet for me today. This is for the thousands (millions) of people on TikTok and around the world who are TOLD how to be happy.

The thing is, even if I AM f*cking happy just as I am ~ y’all have an opinion about that. I speak on behalf of every woman everywhere.

Women in particular are constantly being shred to bits by the sharp blade of other people’s opinions.

And you … I see you … you know who you are …. why are you even here if you are one of those hate filled narcissistic sociopaths who set your intention on HATING females? Get that looked at. It’s a serious character flaw.

To everyone else ~

Stop telling other people what they are supposed to look like, wear, sound like, drive, do for a living, which words to use, who they are supposed to hang out with, and the ten million other conditions society puts on people the millisecond they become a viable life form.

THEN and only THEN …. can you convince me that our happiness is not conditional, based on social pressure to be happy … or else.

Just because my happy doesn’t look like someone else’s, does not mean that I am not happy.

The dark side of happiness

We are forever putting our happiness mold onto how we treat other humans.

I’ve heard thousands of other people saying the exact same thing on Tik Tok as of late.

So where … is the disconnection from the research and the received message.

That ~ I am writing about write now.

We all have a few things to sort out. One of them is, that we are all so free to tell other people how to live their lives, that we rarely take a deep dive look at our own.

This meme thing … let’s talk about that.

I tried to slay those dragons a few times today. Wow. There are some big name people in the psychology industry who are selling this happiness pill without any regard to how people who are actually suffering receive it.

I get that the positive psychology movement started by focusing on the 70% but they failed to tell that to all the misguided life coaches and therapists out there who missed that day in class. Those who continue to tell the 30% who have actual psychological illnesses, that they don’t have to listen. That getting better and working on self is a priority.

That yes, our negative emotions, including anger, are there first, followed by the positive ones.

I’m a bit fired up today by the damage being done to vulnerable people because our leaders and influencers love the fame more than the purpose of helping people.



I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

Is life any easier, or did all the violating jack wagons just disappear?


They are all still there. As ghosts, or in real life, still being the same hateful toxic cultural predators that they are.

Survivors of trauma have to dance to the beat of a different happiness drum. The memes are a lot darker ’cause we’re not giving a space or venue for the alternative happiology. Well, I am. A few researchers are out there championing the sad and mad.

Let them be to do their thing.

I don’t need anyone else’s approval in order to live my best life AND be successful. The other survivorlings don’t either.

Who is going to tell all those other people that they can keep their opinions to themselves?

See, we are in a crisis mode of shoving our opinions at each other, which has created a level of rage and hostility that is the exact opposite of what I thought this pandemic would do for the world.

I guess I’m not a great judge of human behavior on the global happiness scale (something I’ve been reading every year since it’s inception). Then again, as large of a study as that is, it also leaves parts of the picture out.

A jigsaw puzzle based only on what they want us to know, where people have finally started coming forward with the missing pieces. But … I digress.

Off to write for the NaNoWriMo … though, honestly … I think I’ve aged out of that. Or, much, MUCH younger people have taken it over, leaving we, the elderkin to our own imagination.

Such is life.

In peace and being in our own business,

(c) @happinessnoir @InkHoneyPub @K.ArenHenryMiller

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