Refuse to be tamed

Writers and women who refuse to comply with societal rules that tell you who you are, don’t let them tame you.

Don’t let them shame you.

Be who you are.

Take up space.

Speak your mind.

Be out of place.

Don’t let them tame you.

Let them know you’re there.

Shout to the rooftops.

Stay aware.

Don’t forget that you are a Dame, a Contessa, a Lady fair.

A bold and brilliant star

A hurricane, a storm to be seen

A glorious incandescent being.

Don’t let them blame you.

For your pain.

That is on them.

You are the light in this mental game.

Keep your flame at an all time high.

Savor your grace, your style, your glorious face.

Be there for yourself. In this moment, while, or hour. You alone, hold the power.



(c) @happinessnoir @InkHoneyPub @K.ArenHenryMiller

Published by happinessnoir

Writer | Advocate | Free Range Female | Change Agent | Essayist

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