Today, I met a starseed

We went to a farmer’s market today in a place that has some magical … something … in the air. The organic, delectable, hand woven things are beyond anything you can find in any store. In an age of shipping containers stuck, and big box stores paving paradise to put up parking lots, it’s time to get back to buying from local artisan makers.

While there, my son, who is a very quiet person, and a classic introvert said, “look at that kid’s eyes”.

We had already passed the child, so I didn’t see them. He followed up with, “That kid had extraordinary eyes”. He’s an artist so would notice features. His current art class has him noticing the nuances of the human face.

On our way back around, he spotted the child again, pointing her out to the lot of us. The kid was 30 feet away, but we collectively said, “Woe”

Believe in magic, or fairies or angels or whatever you want. We were all looking at a human angel.

The tiny human had wild curly blond hair, pale blue eyes with the hint of something that was hard to pin point. They were dancing around their mother, who was engaged in another conversation with other, very tall (everyone is tall to me, but these three adult humans were all easily 6′) stunning people.

The child plucked an apple from their mother’s bag, dropping it on the ground. It rolled to the man selling honey. He was deep in conversation with my daughter, the bee keeper, but bent over without another thought, to scoop up the apple, handing it back to the child.

The star gazing eyes looked around again, in their own world, as they spun in a circle, one hand up in the air, drawing a spell (or cloud, but I was smitten with the moment) while looking back toward the bee keeper. They dropped the apple again, then looked right at us.

I chased after it as it rolled to the curb. In tandem my thoughts were, this tiny human wants to be seen and, this tiny human should not eat this now, dirty apple. But that was not my advice to give to the mother.

I say ‘they’ because I am still not sure if the little one, around five or six, was a specific gender. Maybe a little girl, but then, maybe not. Do angels have genders? I don’t think so.

The beautiful mother came over to retrieve the apple. I had to say something without influencing or insulting either of them. I think I said, “You have a magical star-seed fairy there you know. A truly special child.”

She so casually replied with, “Yes. I know.’ that I knew that she knew and she knew that we knew. She complimented my scarf, claiming that when the child was a baby, her husband had made one exactly like it for the baby to be swaddled in. Coincidence?

Maybe. Maybe not.

I am not a fan of making comments to children about how they come across to adults. It’s their body, and not my business to say anything. When my own children were little, it was uncomfortable when adults said anything.

These things take on a life of their own in the developing minds of children. What if people told the curly headed cherub that they were magical all the time? What if that kid was raised in an organized religion that is offended by such statements.

I smiled at them with a “have a beautiful day” as we all ended the conversation. My kids were surprized I said anything. I’m not that social. Not any more. I used to be.

Life and trauma kicked the shit out of me so now? I’m pretty quiet.

All of my own children are uniquely themselves. Each one has unique talents and gifts. Each is so very much alike, yet so very different from the next.

This child though. My instant wish for them is that they forever more are able to be protected by their mother, who was also carrying some pretty intense protection vibes. I wonder if people looked at my kids when they were young, but didn’t say anything.

I know from first hand mom experience that everyone these days, wants to find fault in our starseed children. They criticize their learning style, or clothes, or how they do their hair. All shit that just doesn’t matter compared to discovering their inner gifts.

I could write volumes about learning styles, education and how we are missing out on fostering curiosity in our children as they grow, but that would be a full length novel.

For now, just know that when people talk about this new generation of children, there are star seeds among them that were sent to us to help the humans get back on track. This little curly blond haired wild child, will make their mark on the world.

They made their mark on us.

In peace and believing in angels among us,

(c) @happinessnoir @InkHoneyPub @K.ArenHenryMiller

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