The business end of WordPress

WordPress seems to only be using a company called ‘Stripe’ for all transactions. I began the process to add a contribution/payment option, etc. as I do with my Wix site, that allows PayPal.

Here’s the snag. They don’t acknowledge my bank. Also, after days of trying to contact a human being, and getting that electronic ‘OH, you are a human trying to do business like a human? With other humans? Great! Here’s yet another loop hole to leap through where you will find our automated system. You are welcome to give us your money now.”

I haven’t been a total fan of WordPress since starting this in late August. I have ruffled feathers, and that’s okay.

Feathers need ruffling, but the management and time spent managing anything should be in direct proportion to what we get out of it.

I used it as a warm up to dust off the writing cobwebs. I’ve put over 100K words into this thing.

The main topic?

Clapping back at misogyny and domestic violence is one.

Living your life your way without having others fuck with your life is the other.

I have focused on helping people discover their authentic life for the entirety of my professional life. I’ve also been trolled by a bunch of toxic trolls and other assorted monsters for that same amount of time.

What I learned on Tik Tok this week is:

  1. Someone there will be the solution I’m looking for in developing a more sophisticated blog.
  2. There are millions of women, just like me, who have had the same experience.
  3. The people who are offended by words (especially cuss words) but they are NOT offended by their dirty pervert male friends getting handsy w/the dude’s students … are not the people I want in my life anyway.

Am I unconventionally in my professionalism?

I used to think that maybe they were right. Until I met the 300 people I now follow on Tik Tok. Medical Doctors. Psychologists. Therapists. Lawyers. Activists. Advocates. Survivors. And one, really funny Nana who does nothing but make light of the cuss words we all feign offensive.

All of them are cussin’ up a storm. Know what else they’re doing?

They are proving that times have changed and the focus on language pales in comparison to the volume of professional people who truly understand that it’s about ethical, quality work. The hyper sensitivity to language is internal.

When you grow up being called every name in the book from the time you are a toddler, you grow numb to the use of said language.

I was four.

The first time I remember my father calling me a “little bitch”.

Thanks Dad!

He and several others thought it was funny to call me “Kate. Kiss me Kate” as in Taming of the Shrew.

Yep. That’s right.

I grew up being told that I was “mouthy” followed by being berated for not using “girls” language vs. “boys” language.

It’s no wonder I was a “tom boy”. I wanted to be accepted, Dr. Freud.

That is all.

Every job I’ve ever worked in, from the university settings, hospital/agency setting to the restaurant industry to the traveling sales industry and NYC advertising industry had one giant thing in common.

I met sexist, misogynistic, manipulative, malignant narcissistic, and back stabbing people in each and every one. There was no difference in ethics. Only in clothes and paychecks.

Of course, it wasn’t all dark and depressing. There were also people in every field who were wonderful, smart, funny, optimistic, poetic and creative. There is always an upside.

I just don’t open with the up side or the light life.

We are drowning in too much sunshine and not enough shadows. I also heard a statistic today that our violence is up 22% in pockets of cities. It’s much, much worse for our friends in the Asian, the Indigenous People, and the Black and POC communities.

If I am going to use my genetic ‘white privilege’ (which I freely acknowledge is a thing) it’s going to be to help shine a light on the f*ckery that goes on that impedes the rights of others to be able to live our lives in peace.

That’s it. I’m kvetching about talking to robots when I really rather interact with humans while also never wanting to talk to people. It’s the ambivert way.

Cheers to your enlightened day.

(c) @happinessnoir

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