Women Writers #NaNoWriMo

There’s a girls club that goes with the NaNoWriMo mission. They gather together, have write-in’s and zoom calls. They get together for wine parties and cheer each other on.


Heart palpitations. This is the very thing I’ve never felt comfortable … ever.

I’m not a joiner. Or a gatherer. I’m more that solo lone wolf type who heads out on her own to defend her own. I’m not a superficial platitude conversationalist. I deep dive too soon, into global issues. I ask a lot of questions. I don’t intrude on people’s personal problems, nor do I want them to invade my internal space.

So me?

I’m a flying solo woman who dances with wolves person. I love the group, Wild Women Sisterhood, but I’m not a dance naked in the woods type. Even they gather or show gatherings of women who support women.

There’s a lot of pressure on women who support other women to also collect in tribes. That’s a lot of joining.

I fully support and love that some women can gather into groups, have those ‘girlfriend weekends’ and wine parties. How fun.

Unless you’re an introverted loner.

Unless you’re a DV or trauma survivor.

Then, it’s painful. It’s torture. It feels like you are wearing clothes that are too tight, restricting your breathing.

Writing is a solo job. It’s why a lot of introverted people choose it.

Some of us love being alone. There is so much peace in having just a few trusted friends.

Today, instead of trying to jump in on a group, or write with others or join anyone else to cheer or compare our stats … I’m going to celebrate the fact that I’m totally and absolutely comfortable with being a lone wolf.

The older I get, the more I really like who I’ve become. I fought like hell to be me. Why would I shake that up or try to adapt who I am to be a part of a part time team of writers who seem to like that sort of thing.

Hey, if you have a friend group that looks like Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, then you go girl.

But if you are like me, comfortable in her own skin (finally) after decades of being told I’m not allowed …. then today’s writing is dedicated to you.

Here ~ I wrote a whole piece on Linkedin about women, our identity and how our narratives can help us to heal from generational systemic stereotypes.

Read that ~ I have a NaNo Stat to chase.


Women Who Dance With Wolves

What’s that? You haven’t read this book yet? Girl! What ARE you waiting for.

Go chase those wolves. Be you. You don’t need to be full wolf. You can be whomever you decide.

Be You. The World Will Adjust ~ Oscar Wilde.

(c) @happinessnoir

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