I’m on a Paws

Since we are jamming on the health of my still alive old dog AND finishing the novel in the NaNoWriMo …. I’m going to leave y’all here for a while.

Flipping careers in the middle of a career is a surreal process.

Everyone has an opinion about your life. Ignore them all. They aren’t living it. You are.

The irony of this quote is ~ this is what people in the psychology field are also supposed to be. We’re supposed to be neutral parties, not seeking approval of our fangirls (or boys or non-binary friends).

Lately, it feels like the world is censoring the world. It reads as if the professionals are more worried about their image and their success, over their truth seeking.

We are both curious by nature. Writers and psychologists.

Both fields are question asking observers of humanity.

People are opening up more than ever at the same time that people are being incredibly cruel ~ mean is on the rise ~ bullying on the rise ~ anger on the rise. People are short tempered and impatient.

We’ve changed as a collective.

We can turn it around, but we have to stop telling people to just ignore their pain points and/or “negative” emotions … they aren’t negative. They are our internal messages, telling us to pay attention to the things that are off kilter.

Until my dog passes or rebounds, I’m writing, researching, writing and finishing the NaNoWriMo for 2021.

Until December … stay safe out there.

Be good. Do good.

(c) @happinessnoir

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