Rocco’s getting better!

So my dog is bouncing back. I have no idea how, since I was agonizing over taking him to the Vet last Monday … to help him die in peace. I’m glad I didn’t. Today, he looks like a little old drunk Popeye, … a little wobbly, can’t walk much, but he’s still here.

This is why I listen to my intuition over logic these days.

Now, back to writing.

Also …. in case you’re curious about the work I do beyond writing ~ here’s my website.

This week, I’m concentrating on my work in Art, Writing, refreshing my business plan and focusing on business.

I want to add a “donate” button here as I’ve seen on other writer pages here on WordPress, but it uses Stripe, which won’t recognize my bank.

I’m a B-Brain … always have been. My work has been in the science of psychology which tends to lean toward an A-Brain …. so when I’m doing psychology work and business planning work … I have to put my creative brain on a shelf. Not fun. IMO

So here ya go since I believe in full transparency. I’m not a full time fiction writer. One day … One day.

Right now, I’m a digital/virtual nomad synthesizing the arts and sciences into a tangible thing to help survivors of trauma and other difficult life experiences.

I love vampire stuff but it’s humans who are more complicated.

SO ~ that’s where I am. For now.

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Writer | Advocate | Free Range Female | Change Agent | Essayist

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