Full Moon’s shed light too

Last night’s full moon shed some light as it was shadowed in darkness for a while. The world went outside to watch it happen.

Not all happiness is paved in gold sparkly rainbow dust. Some of it in internally quiet. Sitting there in your mind, chipped and bumpy. Full of memories both good and bad from days gone by.

Our lives can be filled with scars, yet still be happier when lived simply. A quieter existance, waiting for us to decide when to be joyful.

Not all happiness looks the same.

My image of the moon as the shadows ended was a blip compared to some of the ‘wow shots’ I’ve seen floating around the internet this morning.

It was the same moon.

Same lens, different camera.

Just because I didn’t have the big camera with the special lens, doesn’t mean that I didn’t appreciate it just as much. I did.

My appreciation was quieter. No pomp. No circumstance. I don’t need to prove to the world that I successfully witnessed the eclipse. I just did.

The truth of our emotional health is exactly that. We don’t have to prove our worthiness in order to know that we are worthy.

Now, back to writing. I’m taking a field trip to a really cool book store today. I’ll share pics when I get back.

Sometimes, the works of others inspires us to write more. Sometimes, it’s just the coffee. 🙂

In peace and reflection,

(c) @happinessnoir

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