Grief & Happiness?

I’m happy my little dude is no longer in pain. He passed away in my arms last night. His best cat friend stayed close to him for the past couple of days, and was hugging him all day yesterday.

Rocco, 2005-2021

Right after he took his last breath, Piper (my cat) started to see the spirit of his foster dad/dog. Rocco’s spirit must’ve had the zoomies. My first thought was, he went back to his puppy stage.

Do you know how tiny a chihuahua puppy is? He was the size of a Beanie Baby when I first met him.

He was with me for sixteen years. By my side at all times. During the pandemic, that was literal. No matter where I went, he was right there. Always.

Love is love. Grief is grief.

It’s why I’ve stepped back from social media until now.

The funny thing about grief is, when you’ve lost once, it’s shocking. When you’ve lost dozens, it’s dulled a bit, but it’s just as intense. The difference is, you lean harder on your spiritual identity or belief system.

I believe in angels, and spirits. Evidence based belief.

I don’t care if others don’t. That doesn’t matter. What others believe is their business. We all are entitled to our sorrow.

So today, I’m going to cry when I want to, create if I need to and get to work. I know without a shadow of doubt that my little dude is in fact, in a better place. He’s no longer in pain and I, have to get to the business of finding a place for his body to rest.

The truth out of the science of happiness tells us that when we have a solid base of our sense of self, we will bounce back to a functional level of living when we go through a hard time.

Nothing is harder than losing those we love.

My pets are my people, so losing them is losing a family member.

This cross roads of our belief system and the understanding of how to stay emotionally hinged (happy is a stretch) is actually one and the same.

When we are grieving, hold onto our faith in both the Universe and ourselves.

That’s it for now. I’m heading back to remembering my little dude with his weird little adorable alien dog self. My very good boy. And yes, I am going to cry my face off for a few days.

Feeling awful is the normal response to losing someone so close to us.

(c) @happinessnoir @InkHoneyPub

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