WordPress is Pressing …

From my Pinterest Page @Inkhoneypub

I have to organize my thoughts, time and schedule. It’s the only way to make it as a small business owner.

Especially when I am the everything for the company.

Well, the cats say they help, but seriously, they only help in forcing me to remember that I have to work hard enough to earn money to feed them.

In truth, the LAST thing I want to do is battle with a website. Formatting sucks. Figuring out what went wrong and why this post will go to that page, which there are two distinct customizing tools that don’t talk to each other … is a nightmare for me.

I sometimes feel like Alice AFTER falling down that stupid rabbit hole.

I’m flying solo on this small business journey.

That means, there will be flaws

It’s a great reminder that the big name writers and researchers have a team of people who do this perfecting for them. The bigger the name, the bigger the team. The more famous they are, the more likely they hired a ghost writer to write those books.

I have nothing against ghost writers OR celeb motivational speakers who proudly go on chat shows to say, “I wrote a book!” when most of us know … they spent 6-figures to have karen from Kansas do it for them.

BTW, the name thing. It’s a thing. I’ll write about that another time. I’m trying to focus on one theme across all platforms for each week. This is not Karen’s week.

It’s “Energy”.

Just like in Life Coaching, where the client sets the agenda, I am concentrating on ONE theme per publishing tour through my writing adventures.

In case you didn’t know … I decided to give Tik Tok a try. The @inkhoneypubtour is named after my theme idea. Only on TikTok, I’m giving equal space to the cats.

Rescue Cats

Foster Kittens

Rescue Dogs

All creatures great and small deserve some space on the real estate of life.

Whom I will NOT give up my real estate for are the haters and belligerent broken who LOVE to pick fights or harass humans. No thanks. No forks given.

I also decided to streamline this out of sheer laziness.

IF I want to publish and cross publish, I have to clean up my potty mouth.

I am not afraid of words, but I know that certain words make people twitch. I’ll save all my forks for the pub tour in privately published books, but leave them out of my social media. It’s not for me. It’s for you.

That’s also another topic for another time.

I’m going back to my writing around the internet now … I even created a schedule (those who know me would be shocked at how organized it is). This B brain is a creative, NOT a natural born analytic.

OH ~ for anyone whose been reading my bog here … you might ask why I started all over again.

Writers will get why I just dumped 200,000 words.

New Year. New Writing. New Chapter.

It’s really that simple.

I get easily distracted when I have too many tabs open ~ it’s how my brain works


I actively work on letting go of the past so that I can stay present for a better future ~ that’s how my soul works.

Cheers to your New Year!


@happinessnoir @InkHoneyPub

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