What’s Trending for the Middle Ages Right Now?

Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com

Well let’s see ~

IF you are good looking (ahem, and also thin) ~ you are given a pass to have an opinion online

IF you are wealthy (regardless of size) ~ you are given a pass to have an opinion online

IF you are well connected (regardless of wealth or size) ~ you are given a pass to have an opinion online

IF you present yourself as desirable and successful online ~ you are given a golden ticket to have an opinion online AND you are invited to be part of the inner circle of other people online famous.

The tides have turned in what we deem valuable and worthy in our universe. No longer does one need a particular education level or skill level. The people today desire charisma and charm + a great talent with digital visual content. It is what it is.

Shall we also go there?

  • Middle aged women … getting our butts kicked right now. More so then middle aged men.
  • Women named Karen … just don’t comment anywhere on anything at any cost. Or change your name. Legally. I’m hoping this wave will pass as so many others have. I don’t have time for that wave. I’m not a surfer. Nor do I have skin in that game.

Unless you like to be insulted, devalued, disrespected or dehumanized … sometimes even threatened ’cause that also happens. It happens every time I comment on a public page, which I’ve decided to just let go of, since it’s not good for my mental health.

The Mob mentality is back by popular demand.

Witch hunts circa 1600’s are wildly popular right now.

Is this healthy for humans as a whole? Absolutely not. Is it a norm that humans follow repeat patterns of behavior over the course of humanity? Yes.

Misogyny and toxic masculinity … super popular. Even among those who call themselves meek and mild. Even among the helping professionals.

Let’s see? What else ….

I’ve heard of women joining tribes, and packs and circles of supportive others just like them. And yet … there is some serious material in those sorts of groups for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to cherry pick scenarios to write about.

Are there genuinely healthy circles of women supporting other women? Yes. Do domestic violence survivors seek them out? Not willingly.

Technology gives us the ability to cultivate a more sophisticated culture, and yet … everyone’s talking about the private pain of those who suffered hardship as a focal point. Or cats. ‘Cause cats don’t hate.

Humans are craving a hate-free world, but they are also participating in a hate-filled online world.

SO …. that’s the dark side of the internet… it’s not the WORST horror show part, but the general population part that just makes a person want to clean out ALL social media and go live happily ever after in the woods with the fairies and fur babies.

Is there a good side?

They keep telling me there is.

A whole bunch of people are still talking about positivity and joy and happiness as if it’s a sure thing.

There are rumors that there are actual happy people who are laughing, smiling, loving, communing and having a jolly ‘ol time in spite of everything going on.

Are empaths and sensitives being overloaded right now?

Are people who have only recently healed from trauma slipping back because slipping backward happens?

What’s that?

What do I mean?

Can I explain that POV?


There are two, rather distinct parts of the internet right now.

Sanctions, really.

They are pro-everything positive, floral and fruity fun.


Dark, dismal, negative, toxic and mean.

A snapshot that’s a bit extreme in the polarization of people.

The truth is, though ALL of the above is actually true, there are so many millions of variables to contribute to all of them.

When we say, “I’m having an awful day”, it could be that 30 minutes were awful, but you thought about those 30 minutes all day. That can rewire your brain to think the whole day was a washout.

The more we engage in the WHOLE WORLD (shouty), the more we are flooding our brains with too much information.

We are not supposed to take on the polarities of the world all at once.

When I feel a trigger coming on, I retreat back into the safety of my own living room.

What do you do?

When I contribute a verse to the universe, I also have to consciously remember that there are people out there who will hate, just for the sake of hating. We have to ignore those people.

Not everyone gets to ignore them. Sometimes, the haters take it to the next level.

Two of my favorite TikTokkers over the past couple of months have had so much hate thrown at them, they had to leave TikTok! People were giving them death threats! One of their violators was at their front door of their actual house w/pictures of himself holding a riffle. Proudly telling the guy (yeah, they were BOTH big, strong, advocate dudes with millions of followers) that he (the terrorist) was going to kill the advocate and his family.

We are fickle creatures, we humans.

One minute the world is coming together to mourn the loss of Betty White.

The next they are divided over the slightest thing that seems like nothing.

Then, there are those of us who want to both be IN the world and away from it so we can live in peace.

Self care isn’t selfish.

No matter where you are in this crazy little online world, remember to take care of your own thoughts, feelings, emotions, and psychological health as well as your physical and spiritual needs.

When everyone is free of their own demons, they aren’t so inclined to go after others.

That’s it. I’m off to go listen to a Mel Robbins pep talk. She helps me to center myself in a place of self care and focus.

Technology is a gift. We just have to remember how to navigate it on a daily basis. And since one of my ancestors was one of the first women hanged in the US for “witchcraft” in the 1600’s when in truth, she was simply a scapegoat holistic healer ~ I’m going to learn from history and adjust my sails accordingly.

Goody Gilbert, I hear you loud and clear.

Cheers to your finding your tribe!


@happinessnoir @inkhoneypub

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