Deleted a public TikTok

It felt too much like Ick-Tok

Energy doesn’t lie.

The energy of the app just didn’t feel calm, or good, or proactive.

There was too much conflict

Too much of that chaos that steals our joy

Too many people who just nit picked about each other.

I had never watched it until October 2021

There are a lot of funny, smart, bright, funny content creators,

but there were more trolls, toxic negativity, and yuk factor that doesn’t actually contribute to a whole, happy, balanced life.

I may start a private account to visit the joyful lot I’ve found, but that’s going to be for entertainment, not career.

Leaving social media entirely feels so much better.

Being free to just be in the world feels better.

Listening to the intuitive nature of where I am at this juncture in my life feels right.

I stepped off the chaos highway with intention.

Everyone else can do what’s right for you. Best to you for it.

It only took me a month or so to try it, decide if it’s right, then leave it.

That’s how I feel about most very social places.

I’m not about that.

I want calm, kindness and compassion.

If it doesn’t serve that … I’m out




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