The energy of a thing doesn’t lie

The energy of social media can be upbeat and wonderful and positive. It can inspire us to move mountains so that someone else can reach the top. We look for signs and messages from spirit.

Every time I share a cardinal, those who believe cardinals are a sign, are grateful. Those who don’t, like the bird. No harm, no foul (pun intended). It’s a good energy either way.

Photo: k.arenHenryMiller

We can help a fragile sloth across the road, or collectively cheer on a hero who saved a cat or child from a serious disaster.

When a dog shows up after a devastating tornado, we all stop to cheer. The internet watches daily, to the tune of millions of people to see if Noodle the pug will have a bones day or no bones day. We all smile at the infectious laugh of Noodles devoted owner.

When talking about the healing from a longitudinal hurt, there should be an energy of joy and love. The survivor is entitled to that same enthusiastic cheering on. They went through a great and terrible experience that should have ended the moment they stepped back into the world.

Why then, don’t we all envelope the survivor of domestic violence or a trauma into a loving embrace, to say, “Welcome back into this safe space”?

Why is it that society and culture will have a different view of her, after her survival.

They don’t say, “how brave of you to have survived”.

They say, “You brought it on yourself. It’s your fault that someone hurt you.”

Oh sure, there are those who will cheer her progress on.

There are also those who will even help her along the way. We don’t have to have gone through something in order to know what pain feels like.

Everyone knows how to come together to say goodbye to Betty White in a collective prayer or wish for her speedy return (depending on your religious POV).

The internet has a dark side too.

When I was an admin. for the then, largest Facebook public page for positive psychology, I was working with some of the biggest names in that field in the world. 99% of them were amazing, interesting people full of kindness. Their energy didn’t lie.

They were in fact, trying to put more goodness into the world. Sincerely so.

But there was a 1% of darkness who was there as an opportunist, dark spot who was and continues to, be there because it’s a cash cow. They either saw it and ignored the dark energy or, they didn’t see it because they were too busy growing their own brand.

It doesn’t matter where we are in our lives, or fields or industries. There is a darkness in even the most loving of places.

Darkness that is toxic and bad for the world. Not the darkness that offers moon bathing and star gazing.

Hello darkness my old friend. I’ve come to talk to you again. An example of an artist’s peace in the darkness. Simon and Garfunkel of course.

The energy I speak of is attached to the number of people who mean others harm on the internet.

The internet itself is an instrument that can invite it the panda chewing on a carrot, or the troll that lurks or stalks you if you begin to help heal those who want away from the darkness of an abuser.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an energy healer or a spiritual person. Energy and human/animal anatomy have been part of the healing process for longer than the science of psychology ~ or any of the sciences for that matter.

Neuropsychology is focused on energy healing.

Listening to our intuitive healing center are part of mindful meditation.

Learning how to tune in to our inner voice while listening to our inner knowing about a thing, then acting on that instinctive voice is as subtle as a butterfly wing, and yet, not everyone can hear it.

I didn’t know that for the longest time. Not everyone has an inner voice.

Just like, someone who lived in the chaos of violence or trauma, doesn’t realize externally that it is not the norm, and it is not healthy.

But once you know. You know. You can’t un-know. You can’t unsee.

You can’t un-feel which energy will enhance your life and which energy will take away from it.

Here’s the most important part and one that is very frustrating.

  • We can’t heal everyone. We can’t even fix those who aren’t ready to be fixed.
  • We can’t win in trying to remove the cancer of a professor/researcher if nobody else sees his darkness.
  • We can only use our energy to align with what feels right for us.

When you feel that something is off, believe yourself. There is a different vibe when there is more toxic than good. Those places seem to attract chaos. As if chaos is a sport. Love the Noodle dog and other empowered proactive people, but like that admin volunteer job all those years ago, there is a darkness there too.

People believe cursing is the worst possible thing in online communication. It’s not. The worst possible thing in online communication is when people pretend to be good, but are really bad. At some level, they know they are bad, but they either don’t care or feel justified.

Do you know that the mandala is a part of the Jungian healing world in psychology and the energy healing world of Reiki. Two worlds, two different time frames from two parts of the world completely opposite of each other, and yet ~ symbolic of healing the mind/body/spirit in the same basic way.

The smoke and mirrors of goodness is also a trick of the trade of those who are abusing power, privilege and popularity.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on

Those who wish to be part of the good energy will also most likely be those who are flying solo, under the radar, keeping their power to themselves. Even Delores Cannon said that. The people who are here to help heal the planet aren’t ostentatiously trying to become famous. They are quietly working in subtler ways.

I stopped being an admin for the large page after it hit 100,000 members. Dangerous, toxic, worst parts of humanity try to get their images and message of mass destruction into places that are there for the greater good. I saw images in the posts I was tasked to delete that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

When I brought it up to the admins (about 8 in all), that dark energy he-who-shall-not-be-named was the one who complained that the discussion was taking up HIS precious time, as if the rest of us were not as important.

I quit. It was a volunteer job and dude didn’t actually do anything to help or contribute to it anyway. He just expected everyone else to do the job, and thank him for being there. Asshat to the Nth power.

It’s better to walk away from things than to allow those things to harm our energy.

It’s better to give up with a peaceful state of being, then to try to fight with others so determined to be right.

Peace is the ultimate state of being.

If you are at peace, and you are content and even happy on most days, that is the best feeling in the world.

Choose peace over being right and you’ll be amazed at how good your energy feels.

Cheers to your energy healing journey!


@happinessnoir @inkhoneypub

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