The world wants us to change

How many of you have felt pressure to change who you are ~ your entire life ~ in order to fit in? The cardinals in the backyard got me thinking about this today. The cardinal is wildly popular in symbology. They are beautiful to watch, to to the sparrow, they are sort of jerks. They don’t try to be anything else. Cardinals (male and female) are who they are ~ they don’t try to be Blue Jay’s (bigger jerks) or any other sort of bird. They show up without thinking about being sparrows.

Authenticity is possible in the animal kingdom.

Photo: Aren HenryMiller ~ Our neighbor, Mr. Cardinal. He is just being himself.

Social media has created a flawless illusion OR, a plastic surgery revolution for so many people.

We are on social media so feeling the pressure of filters.

The older we are, or whatever else is going on in your life, the more we feel it.

Have you ever felt the need to shrink yourself in order to be accepted?

Do you change who you are so that you will get that job, or welcomed into that town, city, community?

Have you silenced your voice so not to create conflict but then realized there will be conflict, with or without you?

Have you blended in so that nobody would call you out?

Have you altered your life so you could find love, or a sense of belonging?

Are you … “anti”-aging?

I am guilty of all of the above?

I allowed people to treat me as ‘less than’ because I convinced myself that they would invite me to their table or … at the very least, leave me alone and stop bullying me.

The more I stayed in a place with key bullies and other assorted narcissists, with their allies and flying monkeys ~ the more hurt I felt.

So many of us are walking around with social anxiety or depression or stress and sadness because we are not being our authentic selves.

The sad part?

The very society that is constantly talking about “authenticity” and “genuineness” will also gaslight us, or diminish us if we aren’t “just like them”.

There are so many examples from so many fractions of society, I don’t want to misguide the message here by focusing on any one. The fact that at least 10 pop into my mind at once tells me that there are thousands of examples of this.

I’m doing a lot of writing across the stitch of social media today, but this is the topic I’m focused on.

Also, working from home today and the cats just won’t leave me to my business.

Having the courage to be truly authentically yourself is an act of courage in the world today.

I hope you find your joy today


@happinessnoir @inkhoneypub

OH … and I gingerly stepped back into TikTok but … I also watched the sweetest person and his dog Noodle announce that he was taking a social media break.

The place really is … not the best place to go if you’re on a healing journey.

Be careful out there.

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